Flattering Plus Size Hairstyles to Slim Your Look

Did you know that certain hairstyles can make you look slimmer? If you are worried about your weight or your figure, why not try a fashionable, flattering hairstyle that slims your look and shakes pounds off your figure? Flattering, plus size hairstyles can make you look thinner while also complementing your facial features. Consider a new haircut or hairstyle to accentuate your favorite features while also making you look more slender.

Top hair care experts can offer a variety of plus size hairstyles that are designed to be flattering while also making you look thinner. If you are lucky enough to have such a hairstylist, you need only take a trip to your salon and get your stylist’s professional opinion on a slimming hairstyle to suit you. If you don’t have a hairstylist who specializes in plus sized hairdos, consider some of the tips in this article to help you find a haircut or hairstyle to help make you look slimmer.

“A hairstyle is a fashion statement and just like an accessory, your ‘do’ can complete or finish a look,” says Nikki Watts, owner of Nikki London, the premier boutique for curvy women in Philadelphia. “I suggest styles that add height and volume, which embrace your natural curves. For example, a retro up-do that brings hair away from the face with depth.”

Consider the following tips on flattering plus size hairstyles for women, from tips on hair length to curls, straight hair, layering, and more.

Q. Is long hair, short hair, or medium length hair most attractive on plus size women?

A. – From Elena Golescu, New York Cosmetic Image Center, Great Neck, NY:
“Women who have excess weight they would like to hide are right to find the most flattering hairstyle to make them look slimmer, and perhaps distract people from looking at other parts of their body. As for length – it’s highly individual… long, short, or medium [hair] can work on a plus size woman. It’s the cut and styling that really makes the difference. The angle, layering, and overall style of the cut will either camouflage or accent someone’s best features and catch the eye.

“In addition to positive advantages — i.e. calling attention to your face and highlighting your best features — big, gorgeous eyes, full lips, great skin, etc. — the right cut can make up for facial flaws. Let’s say you have a strong jaw line (a la Reese Witherspoon) and want to soften your overall look, go for a cut with long layers and side-swept bangs. A great hair stylist, like a great makeup artist, knows how to balance your features and create an illusion of perfection. And after all, isn’t that really what ‘perfection’ is for all of us, celebrities included …an illusion?”

A. Pam Kelly, National Director of Technical Services for Fantastic Sams Hair Salons:
“The length of hair for a full figured woman is very important to her overall look. Hair that is too long can distract from her entire appearance and cause her to look matronly. A good length for a plus-size woman is generally shoulder-length or shorter, as it will enhance her total look.”

Q. Does hair color make a difference when women want their plus size hairstyle to help them look slimmer? What about texture, such as curls vs. straight hair, layering, angles, etc.?

A. – From Elena Golescu, New York Cosmetic Image Center, Great Neck, NY:
“Hair color is important and can soften or harden your features. What many plus size women do not realize is that highlights placed around the face will help full faces appear thinner. Any type of hairstyle will greatly benefit from some highlights and even lowlights — which are more subtle colorations that give your hair a healthy, sun-kissed look.”

A. Pam Kelly, National Director of Technical Services for Fantastic Sams Hair Salons:
“Texture plays a big role, as full bodied locks will balance out the total look. Spiky tops that draw the eye to the top of the hairstyle will ‘lift’ the appearance of a full face. Hair that is styled close on the sides with height on top is another way to slim down the face.

“Don’t forget about adding color to the cut. Highlights added to a wispy face frame will brighten the face and add interest to any style. Adding a shade of color darker on the sides and nape area of the hair while adding highlights or a color one or two shades lighter to the remaining hair will help to narrow the sides of the face and slim any neckline.”

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