Three Elegant and Glamorous Hairstyles for the Holidays

Depending on what you decide to wear for the holidays, you’ll surely want to find a complementing holiday hairstyle to go with your outfit. From a formal holiday occasion to the casual office party holiday look, you can create your own fabulous holiday hairstyles with just a few step-by-step instructions. No matter what the occasion, enjoy dressing up for the holidays with a fashionable, fun, or elegant holiday hairstyle.

Once you know what type of look you want to go for – up-do, straight hairstyles, blow out, etc. – you  can create your own elegant and glamorous holiday hairstyles at home. Below, Beverly Hills celebrity hairstylist Umberto Savone shares his favorite hairstyle looks for the holiday season with step-by-step tips on how you can achieve the same hairstyles at home.

Sexy Holiday Hairstyle #1: A Sleek Up-Do
Celebrity stylist Umberto Savone shares the following tips to get a sleek up-do holiday hairstyle:

1.    Starting with damp hair, run Umberto’s Roman Shine Oil through hair.

2.    Using two paper towels, squeeze hair gently to remove excess water.

3.    Create a straight and clean middle part.

4.    Dry hair with your hairdryer, or the Umberto 4000i dryer if you can get it.

5.    Once you’ve finished drying your hair, smooth it back and secure your hair tightly near the nape of your neck.

6.    Tease your hair a bit to add in a little “Va Voom.”

7.    Create a puffy giant bun, similar to a pin cushion, while making sure to smooth the outer layer.

8.    “Now’s the fun part,” says Savone. “Either add a chic ornament with tulle attached (make sure it’s placed off to the side so that you can show it off from the front or back), try accenting with a large surprising broach, or place pins randomly into the bun.”

9.    Use Umberto’s Super Hold Hair Spray to finish your look.

10.    To add some glitz and holiday sheen, spray a bit of Umberto’s Shimmer Shine Spray.

Glamorous Holiday Hairstyle #2: A Fun Up-Do
For a fun up-do you can wear just about anywhere, follow these tips by Umberto Savone:

1.    First mist your hair with Controller Conditioning Spray.

2.    Blow dry your hair straight.

3.    Comb all of your hair back like when you make a ponytail, but twist your hair upward instead, to form an upside-down French Twist.

4.    Continue to twist your hair upward until you are almost past the crown before your hairline.

5.    With the remaining hair, create either a poof (and then tuck it under to add height), or roll hair off to the side into a small roll.

6.    Secure your up-do with bobby pins.

7.    “Accent an up-do with a feather or piece of tulle positioned perfectly toward the back of the head, off to one side, or add a glamorous hair accessory,” Savone says.

8.    Complete your elegant holiday hairstyle with Umberto’s Super Hold Hair Spray and a touch of Shimmer Shine Spray.

Hot Holiday Hairstyle #3: A Vamped Up Blow Out
Try these simple steps by Umberto Savone for a vamped up blow out hairstyle for the holidays:

1.    Add a coating of Umberto’s Roman Shine Oil to wet hair.

2.    “Blow dry long layers with a slight wave for added bounce and body,” Savone says. “Body comes from underneath and is vamped out from roots.”

3.    Use the Umberto Ionic Ceramic Styler flat iron or your favorite flat iron to touch up the ends of your hair while also playing up the waves.

4.    Tease your roots.

5.    Spray your hair with Umberto’s Super Hold Hair.

6.    Part your hair one-inch deep off center.

7.    “For a hipper version think Grey Gardens and push back hair away from face with a pretty little piece of your favorite fabric,” Savone says.

With these easy tips, you can look like you just stepped out of the salon for any of your holiday events, secretly knowing you created your own hot holiday hairstyle at home in minutes. Enjoy enhancing and accessorizing your hairstyles this holiday season and don’t be afraid to try a new holiday look!

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