Whittle Your Middle with Belly Dancing, a Sexy Way to Stay in Shape

For a sexy way to get in shape and stay in shape, try belly dancing. You can groove your hips and wiggle your way to a slimmer, trimmer figure while working on balance, coordination, and a beautiful flow of movement. You can whittle your middle with belly dancing while also picking up a few seductive dance techniques to show off for your significant other.

Belly dancing traditionally is an Arab style of dance that focuses on the hips, arms and much of the body, despite the name “belly dancing.” Belly dancing costumes often offer a sexy getup of fringe, dangling beads or coins, bared midriffs, and a skirt or harem pants. The vibrant colors and elaborate style of the belly dancing costumes make them very attractive, however, for workout purposes women can wear just about any type of athletic apparel as they begin to learn the belly dancing moves.

If you would like to get started in belly dancing, it is a fitness workout that helps your coordination as much as your physical shape. You can try to find belly dancing group classes near you if you like the social workout environment. If you tend to be a bit shy, you might consider beginning your belly dancing routine at home either by yourself or with a friend, sister, or neighbor. One good at-home workout to try is Jillina’s Shape Up n’ Hip Out Belly dancing DVD.

Jillina’s Shape Up n’ Hip Out Belly dancing DVD
offers a practical way to get down the belly dancing basics while also improving your physical shape and your dance moves, nonetheless. If you aren’t naturally comfortable with dancing in general, and/or if you’ve never done belly dancing before, the moves may feel a bit awkward or may seem difficult at first. However, as with most new things, the more you practice belly dancing with Jillina’s workout DVD, the more natural the moves will become for you.

Jillina’s Shape Up n’ Hip Out Belly dancing DVD features three 18-minute workouts, offering something suitable for the beginner belly dancer through the professional belly dancer who wants to try some new moves or enhance technique. Your choices when working out with Jillina’s DVD are Slow & Smooth, Rhythm Hips, and Turbo Hips – so you can work out at your own pace.

“Many women come to belly dance for the physical benefits but often discover a wealth of advantages  like self confidence and an opportunity to get in touch with their feminine side,” says Jillena of belly dancing.

Product provided free to writer for reviewJillina’s Shape Up n’ Hip Out Belly dancing DVD is available for sale on Amazon.com for $13.49 and it is eligible for free super saver shipping. For more information about the Shape Up n’ Hip Out Belly dancing DVD or information on Jillina, please see www.jillina.com.

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