Pros and Cons of Planning a Destination Wedding instead of a Traditional Wedding

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years and continue to be on the rise while the economy remains bottomed out. A destination wedding offers an unforgettable experience for the bride and groom as well as their guests. To help you decide whether a destination wedding is right for you and your significant other, consider the pros and cons of planning and having a destination wedding.

The following pros and cons of destination weddings should help you to envision both the challenges and the stress relief involved with planning a wedding in a remote location. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a bride or groom planning a destination wedding to ensure you are comfortable with all that goes into this type of event. Check out these pros and cons for destination weddings to help you make up your mind for your own special day.

Pros of Planning a Destination Wedding
Destination weddings offer many benefits and advantages, from lower costs to beautiful beachfront nuptials and more. Below, Sharla Ault, hotel inspector for Condè Nast Johansens Guides, shares her favorite pros and benefits to the planning of a destination wedding as opposed to a traditional wedding.

–    You’ll enjoy a more intimate atmosphere. The maximum number is typically 50 guests, and this returns a lower overall cost for a higher level of venue, Ault explains.

–    Planning your wedding at a remote destination often allows you to extend your festivities for more time celebrating with your guests. “The wedding is a three-day affair, usually rehearsal night and party, wedding night, then brunch all together,” Ault adds.

–    Destination weddings typically offer lower stress. Due to assistance from the hotel’s wedding planner, who typically handles most of the details for your wedding planning, from flowers to services, etc., bride and groom can usually rest easier knowing most if not all of their wedding is squared away.

–    Destination weddings often equal vacation for your guests as well. Guests often appreciate the chance to remain in an exotic location for a bit longer to enjoy a bit of vacation. Even if they can’t extend their trip beyond the wedding weekend, most guests still like to get a break and get away from the daily grind.

–    Many resorts offer cheaper rates to the bride and groom who plan to stay at the same resort for part or the entire honeymoon. Bride and groom could also travel around the country or check out different venues for more privacy.

–    Your host hotel or resort may clue you in to some hot happenings and destinations. The resort or hotel staff will likely offer the bride and groom some special insider tips on little-known attractions, best restaurants, and hotspots they can visit while in the area.

–    The different foods, landscape, and customs make a destination wedding especially memorable and special for the bride and groom as well as their guests. Don’t be afraid to incorporate local customs and décor into your destination wedding ceremony and reception for an unforgettable experience.

–    Destination weddings often cost less than traditional weddings. “Because you are coming from abroad, you are not restricted to the weekend and you will have lower rates and better service for everything, from the restaurant, to rooms, to church availability, photographer, etc.,” says Ault.

Cons of Planning a Destination Wedding…

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