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Perfect Panties for Every Body – Different Types of Underwear

Lots of cute underwear options exist for women of all shapes and sizes. You can enjoy skimpy skivvies or full coverage panties, depending on your preferences and your needs. Countless cute patterns and styles of panties exist, and you can get underwear in just about any color and fabric you can imagine.

Consider the following types of panties to determine which ones are best for your body.

Bikinis and String Bikinis / Tangas – Much like the bottom of a typical bikini, bikini panties rest at the hips and feature a narrow strip of fabric at the sides. You can also get string bikini underwear, which have a string or ties at the sides instead of a strip of fabric. Tangas are essentially string bikinis with a narrow waistband strip at the side. Bikini panties feature less coverage in the rear compared to briefs.

Boy Leg Briefs or Boy Shorts – These cute bottoms offer a boyish style to a girl’s panties. As you can probably picture, these panties have short legs that offer more hip coverage. Many bathing suits also offer the popular boy leg or boy shorts bottom. These are a good fit for women who would like to downplay their thighs and hips.

Briefs – Briefs offer full coverage of your bum and a pretty standard cut for underwear. You aren’t showing much off, but briefs do make good athletic underwear, especially for sports such as running. Briefs come up to your waist or just below your bellybutton. Different styles of briefs exist, such as classic / full briefs (often what little girls wear), high-cut / French cut briefs (a bit less coverage), boy leg briefs (see above), and control panties (offering support and a more slender look).

Flutter Panties – These adorable and romantic panties rest on the waist with elastic at the top, but down below they feature pretty fabric that can be frilly, ruffled, or flowy.

G-String – G-String panties are much like a thong panty but usually only offer a tiny ribbon or string of material in the rear. G-Strings are often popular choices to reduce panty lines or to give the wearer a seductive secret.

Hipsters – These cute panties are often popular with teens and young adults. The waistband goes lower around the hips but the panty itself offers a similar style to the briefs.

Thong – The thong is a popular style of underwear that does an amazing job to hide panty lines. Thongs have a narrow band for a waistband but offer only a strip of fabric in the rear for coverage. The fabric in the rear of the thong panty gets wider at the top and the rest of the strip nestles between your cheeks. The rest of your bum is exposed.

If you are curvy, plus size, or just a bit overweight, you might consider a sexy panty like the lacy boy shorts or the corseted boy shorts. Those offer a very attractive fashion for your backside and they look great no matter how big your bum is.

If you are skinny or don’t have many curves, you might want to focus on the fabric more than the cut of the panties. You could definitely wear something like a flutter panty that would give you the illusion of more curves. Anything with ruffles or flowing fabric can also help to add some shape to your hips, bum, or legs.

No matter what kinds of panties you decide to get, have fun looking and considering different styles, colors, and fabrics. Some novelty panties feature beads and charms for an extra cute approach. Others feature printed or painted sayings on the backside of your briefs or boy shorts. As you shop for the best panties for your body type, don’t forget to get a few in your favorite colors and a few sexy ones in lace that you can save for a rainy day.

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