How to Get Super Soft, Sexy Feet that Look and Feel Great

No matter what the season, soft and smooth feet are a trend that will never change. Regular pedicures can help to keep your feet soft, smooth, and touchable. There are plenty of other tips to help you keep your feet looking and feeling great, and we’ve teamed up with Life Love Beauty readers to share some smooth feet tricks with you.

1.    Apply lotion regularly for soft and touchable feet.

“I apply a lot of lotion, and slip socks onto my lotioned feet, sit in a chaise, and let the lotion work its magic!”
–    Carol Dziuba, NJ

“I’m very careful to keep my feet moisturized. Most often I use Udder Cream from Wal-Mart. I also wear shoes whenever my feet are on the floor, or outside my home.  Pedicures are just as important as manicures.”
–    Beverley Justice, NC

“I keep my feet great by creaming my feet every night and covering with an old pair of socks.”
–    Barb Devine, FL

“I have a special trick that seems to work for me.  I work out at the gym five to six days per week.  I lather on a moisturizer before I don my gym socks.  The heat from the workout seems to help the cream penetrate well.  Despite hard workouts, my feet stay soft and buttery and callus-free.  I treat them to pedicures once a month, or more in the summer.  My tootsies are very happy indeed.”
–     Jean Hepburn

“I use lotion on my feet at least one time per day and don’t go barefoot ever (and I love going barefoot!). I usually always have soft feet.”
–    Sherry Milstein, CA

2.    Use a foot scrub or pumice stone to exfoliate and remove dead skin and keep feet soft.

“To keep my feet beautiful I start by using a foot scrub to take away all the dead skin. Then I moisturize my feet with a foot lotion (preferably peppermint).  Every day I make sure I put some lotion just to keep my feet soft.  I also like to paint my toenails (red) for the sexy factor.”
–    Carolyn Gonzalez, NC

“I keep my feet super soft and sexy by soaking them in warm water, Epsom salts, and peppermint oil. After I dry them off, I pumice them, clip my toenails, and moisturize the heels with Vaseline.”
–    Viv Sicherman, NY

“I use Kerasel on my feet.  In the tub the dry skin just rubs off to leave soft and smooth feet.  Then I apply lotion.”
–    Donna Kozar

3.    Get regular pedicures for smooth, soft, and sexy feet.

“The first thing I do to keep my feet smooth and sexy is to get a pedicure every 4-6 weeks.  In between, I use A & D ointment (for baby’s bottom) and slather it on my feet and then wear a heavy weight pair of socks.  Works great – just don’t wear thin socks or go barefoot until it is absorbed.  I learned the hard way that it will leave foot prints on hard wood floors (until you treat your floors again).”
–    Deb Collett, MI

“I like to keep my feet soft and feeling great with regular pedicures. Often times, at night I’ll apply moisturizer all over my feet, slip on a pair of comfortable cotton socks, and go to sleep with the socks on, leaving my feet extra soft and looking great in the morning.”
–    Anne Sicherman, NY

4.    Wear comfy socks to bed.

“In the winter I rub Vaseline into my feet and night and sleep with cozy socks on. To keep my feel feeling great I go to the chiropractor regularly to keep everything in alignment. It has made all the difference in the world.”
–    Joni

“After I soak my feet, I slather them with cocoa butter and sleep in a pair of nylon socks….works great to keep your feet nice.”
–    Kathy Swenson, NY

“My trick for super soft and sexy feet
is an easy one that can’t be beat.
It keeps my feet looking, and feeling, great!
Want to know my secret? Just can’t wait?

Every night before to bed I goes
I lotion-up my heels and toes—
like sleeping bags, my socks go on
my feet, and stay there ‘til the dawn!”
–    Daphne Rice, OR

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