What to Wear for Christmas with Family, In-Laws, on a Date, or with Friends

It’s hard to believe how quickly Christmas sneaks up every year, and yet it does, year after year. And with it comes the ever present decision of what to wear for Christmas. No matter if you are going on a festive Christmas date with your sweetheart or a  new love interest, spending the holidays with your family, or setting aside the Christmas holiday with your in-laws, you’re probably thinking about what you should wear for Christmas.

Should you buy a new outfit for Christmas or repurpose something you already have in your wardrobe? The truth is it’s up to you what you wear for Christmas, although it can be fun to find and buy a new outfit or dress to help you celebrate the holiday season. To help you decide what to wear for Christmas with your family, in-laws, on a date, or with friends, consider these options from a few top fashion experts.

For the budget conscious, Walmart offers an array of fashions that are great for any occasion and even better for your wallet. Walmart’s Norma Kamali collection boasts lovely wrap and jersey dresses, pencil skirts, and even an all-in-one dress that you can wear six different ways for a truly unique experience each time, no matter who you’re visiting. Walmart also offers the Miley Cyrus & Max Azria line, which features everything for the perfect party getup – from bubble dresses to sequin tops and snazzy bomber jackets. To keep your wallet happy, all of Walmart’s prices for these items are under $35.

“The most popular items so far for the holiday season at Effie’s Heart have been versatile pieces that can be re-worn later in the year,” says owner and designer Kimo. “These items can be transformed into entirely different looks with the addition of a jacket and a change of jewels.”

Part of the fun of selecting a holiday outfit to wear for Christmas at any location is choosing an ensemble that you can wear again and again. Keep this thought in mind as you try to decide what to wear for Christmas and Christmas Eve.

What to Wear for Christmas with Your Family
Spending the holidays with your family is a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas. Christmas with your family may call for a comfortable and casual look but you can also show off lovely holiday fashions with a more elegant look. No matter which level of formality you choose for your wardrobe for Christmas with your family, you can always spice things up with shoes and accessories as well.

Rafaella, a clothing design company featuring modern fashions for on-the-go women, offers a wide array of lovely tops, skirts, pants, dresses, and other fashionable ensembles that are perfect for the holiday. Rafaella’s creative director Richard Metzger recommends Winter White for a fabulous holiday fashion statement when celebrating with your family.

“You don’t have to dress in red and green to feel festive this holiday season,” Metzger says. “Try high contrast winter whites for a fresh update to your holiday wardrobe; you can even add a dash of silver or gold for a gilded holiday look.”

What to Wear for Christmas with Your In-Laws
Celebrating Christmas with your in-laws is special because you’re spending the holiday with your spouse and his loved ones. Making a good impression with your in-laws may be important to you if you’re newly a part of the family. If you’ve been married for quite some time, you may still want to dress up a little bit for the holidays with your in-laws.

If you are trying to decide what to wear for Christmas with your in-laws, Rafaella’s Richard Metzger suggests Ergofit. A wardrobe that offers slimming and shape friendly lines and angles can enhance your confidence as well as your holiday wardrobe.

“Rafaella’s ergofit slimming technology collection is a godsend during the holidays,” he says. “You will look slim and sleek with Rafaella’s slimming technology built into classic silhouettes – eggnog anyone?”

Effie’s Heart, a fashionable Indie clothing line that offers staples for every wardrobe, offers a lovely collection of winter fashions that are great for any kind of holiday entertaining and visiting. While certain fashions make a perfect match for certain occasions, these are beautiful garments you’ll love wearing all year long.

“For celebrating Christmas with your in-laws, the sweetheart dress is perfect,” says Kimo, owner and designer at Effie’s Heart. “This flattering classic has just the right balance of girlie-ness.”

What to Wear for Christmas with Your Sweetheart or a New Love Interest on a Christmas Date…

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