Harvest Themed Products: OPI Avojuice Skin Quenchers “Crisp Apple” Review

I am having so much fun trying all the latest harvest themed products out there this holiday season. Avojuice Crisp Apple Skin Quenchers LotionToday will be no different as I’ll be sharing my thoughts on O.P.I.’s Avojuice skin quenchers. Let’s just say that if you’re already a fan of OPI – you’re going to love this stuff.

I received a sample of Avojuice – (Crisp Apple) Skin Quencher lotion from OPI a few weeks ago and was blown away by the similarities between the scent of a real crisp (green) apple and that of the lotion. From the second this lotion touched my skin, I knew I was going to fall head over heels for this stuff. It’s true; I’m in love and I know you’ll feel the same way once you try it.

We all know OPI for having top-of-the-line nail products. Their shades last for, sometimes, weeks at a time without chipping. Now imagine trying their new skin quenchers; they’ve got that irresistible blend of fruity smells along with the goodness of healing extracts and moisturizers your body needs to maintain elasticity and softness.  You can’t help but know you’re getting your money’s worth.

Avojuice skin quenchers come in eight different scents that are sure to be the highlight of your lotion collection. Think of it as drink for your skin. It’s nourishing, great smelling, and enriched with the good stuff your skin needs to maintain its healthy feel. The cool-cool thing about the skin quenchers, as I mentioned earlier, is that they’re jam packed with moisturizers and nourishing avocados. They’re also loaded with aloe extracts (aloe, by the way, is known for its healing agents). When you use Avojuice from OPI, you know you’re getting everything you need for your skin plus the really great fruitful smells you want in a lotion.

If you’re interested in purchasing any OPI products for those last minute gifts, visit www.opi.com. Also, take a moment to click on the “where to buy” tab to find the closest retailer in your area. I just know that whomever you decide to buy these for, whether for yourself or as a gift, you’re going to be glad you did.

Product provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: Please note that a product sample of OPI’s Avojuice Skin Quencher was sent to me, for FREE, via OPI for the purpose of my review. Because this review is based on my opinions, I bare no responsibility for anyone who may feel differently. Thank you.

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