Centerpieces for Tropical or Beach Weddings

Choosing decorations for your wedding can be quite the daunting task. You’ve got flowers, candles, miles and miles of tulle, and of course, centerpieces. For many brides, centerpieces are a fun and unique way to express their artistry and creativity. Can you hear the ocean?The table centerpieces often match the theme and colors of the wedding. If you are planning a tropical or beach wedding theme, these ideas may help you or help to spark another great wedding centerpiece idea.

Many times, reception halls and banquet halls include the wedding centerpieces in the cost of booking the event, often along with food, bar, and sometimes the cake. Usually the centerpieces provided by the reception location look generic and not at all like something you would remember even a few days after the wedding. If you want to make a statement with your centerpieces, you’ve got to do a little legwork on your own. For a really breath-taking centerpiece, use your own creativity, look online for ideas, and perhaps even contact a florist for some ideas of what former brides have created for their weddings.

Centerpiece top view

As you select your decorations and your wedding centerpieces, remember that many guests covet the centerpiece and often try to snatch them up to bring them home. This is a nice feeling for those who hope their floral centerpieces or cleverly crafted, original centerpieces won’t go to waste. If you are planning on keeping your centerpieces for yourself and your new spouse to reuse for things around your home, you may need to come up with a plan to keep the centerpieces from leaving the tables. Many times guests will help themselves to the centerpieces if they are not given away by means of a game or other icebreaker.

Seashell with lilies and roses

Few more appropriate accent pieces exist beyond real seashells. If you can incorporate large or small seashells in your wedding centerpieces, your beach theme or tropical theme wedding will flow together nicely. Using seashells for centerpieces is easy, but sometimes finding the right seashells is the tough part!

There are lots of seashell retailers and even wholesalers on the Internet. But, you never know what you are going to get if you order online. If you live near one such seashell warehouse, it is always good to go there in person and select your shells by hand so you know exactly what you are paying for and you can see firsthand any damages.

I selected my conch shells and other accent and favor shells at Sunset Beach Gifts in Cape May, N.J. They should be able to ship seashells to you if you do not live within driving distance of their shop. Luckily for me, I have family living in Cape May County. I cannot vouch for any other stores that sell seashells, but a simple Google search should bring up countless options for you to bargain hunt and browse.

Bright colors are fun.

Conch Shell Centerpiece
Conch shells offer a beauteous accent to the center of your guest tables and they also look stunning on your head table or sweetheart table. The conch shell’s anatomy works well when paired with floral arrangements. Bring a conch shell to your florist and ask her to make a sample for you. She will probably insert an igloo for the fresh-cut flowers so they can remain vibrant and hydrated throughout your entire wedding day.

I created conch shell centerpieces for my own wedding, using bright hot pink roses and bright orange lilies, arranged with some monkey grass and greenery. I developed the idea in my mind when I saw a beautiful pink and orange color scheme on a florist’s Web site, and had my heart set on the design from that moment forward. Creating your Conch shell centerpiece with lilies and rosesown conch shell centerpieces is actually quite easy once you secure the correct number of shells for your guest tables and head table.

Decide what color flowers and what type of flowers you would like to use. For tropical or beach themed weddings, lilies offer a nice look, in addition to hibisorcus, orchids, and even roses. You can always order exotic tropical flowers that are native to Hawaii, but you should expect to pay through the nose for those. Conch shells make a nice centerpiece for a wedding, and they offer much functionality on days following the wedding. Many people enjoy putting them in their gardens, while others may use them as doorstops or decorations in their bathrooms.

Sand and Shells
For a slightly whimsical centerpiece, consider getting small metal pails for the center of the table, and fill them partway with sand. Top them off with a number of beautiful and unique seashells, and even place a few shells surrounding the pail. You can surround the pail with starfish or sand dollars, or you can keep it simple with just the shells.

For a more elegant touch, take a round or square glass bowl and place a pillar candle of your choice in the center. Dress it up with tropical shells, starfish, and sand dollars or other beachcomber findings. As an alternative, you might also consider filling a glass or crystal vase all the way up with seashells.


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  1. 🙂 Thanks so much for posting this! I live in NJ and had no idea where to get large conch shells to create centerpieces! Your article really helped!

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