10 Tips to Make Your Family Ski Vacation More Affordable

A family ski trip vacation can be a great winter excursion.Many families enjoy taking an annual ski trip, whether near or far. Whether your family members enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or simply relaxing in the lodge with some hot chocolate in front of a roasting fire, you can really enjoy a great winter family vacation together. To get the most out of your family ski vacation, it really pays to try and find deals and to lower your travel costs as much as possible.

If your family is planning a ski vacation this winter, make sure you take the time to consider your expenses and try to fit your plans into your budget. Consider these 10 tips on how to make your family ski vacation more affordable from Christy Sports, a well-known ski and snowboard retailer in the Rocky Mountain region.

1. Look for all-inclusive packages. “Most ski resorts are providing all-inclusive packages that include airfare, lodging, lift tickets and ski/snowboard lessons,” says Randy England, Marketing Manager at Christy Sports. “The good thing about all-inclusive packages is that you know ahead of time, exactly how much the trip will cost. In looking for an all-inclusive package, start with a lodging provider.”

Enjoy a family ski vacation at a lower cost.2. Avoid the peak holiday periods. “Lodging prices and airfare around Christmas, New Year’s, and President’s Day are often double what they would be for the rest of the season,” notes England. “In the Rocky Mountains, the resorts can stay open as late as April and good deals can be found late into the ski season.”

3. Look for discounts for kids. “Often parents can find discounts for kids on ski rentals, ski passes, ski lessons, and air travel,” England shares. “Shop around. At Christy Sports, children under 12 rent free with a 5 day adult rental purchase.”

4. Book early, especially if you fly. “Travel packages will start to dry up by Thanksgiving so book now,” says Randy England of Christy Sports. “Shop travel sites (Expedia, Orbitz, etc.) as well as the direct airline Web sites for discount airfare.”

5. Negotiate with lodging properties. “This year there have been big price differences for renting similar condos at the same location,” England explains. “This year, property managers are willing to negotiate and make a ‘deal’ on units. So don’t be afraid to negotiate or reserve the advertised price.”

6. Purchase lift tickets from…

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