Top Vacation Hotspots and Honeymoon Destinations for the Month of January

Traveling for pleasure during the month of January can be a welcome change from the frozen temperatures of winter if you live in the northern hemisphere. If you are planning your honeymoon or even a special vacation during the first month of the year, you can try any of the world’s vacation hotspots or simply choose a destination that is known to have great weather during the month of January.

Celebrating your honeymoon in January can be a great experience. First of all, January tends to be off-peak for wedding planning, so you should be able to save a bundle on expenses. Second, if you live in a colder climate in the northern hemisphere, you will likely enjoy getting away from the cold here and there to celebrate your anniversary on vacation.

Consider these top 13 vacation hotspots and honeymoon destinations to enjoy during the month of January.

Top January Vacation and Honeymoon Hotspots

1.    Aruba
2.    Australia
3.    Bahamas
4.    Belize
5.    Caribbean Islands
6.    Costa Rica
7.    Curacao

8.    Jamaica
9.    Kenya
10.    Maldives
11.    Mexico
12.    New Zealand
13.    Thailand

* Destinations suggested by Joyce Scardina Becker, CMP, wedding designer and president of Events of Distinction

Traveling from a cold place to a warmer place during the month of January means you must be prepared to face both hot and cold temperatures at the departure and arrival airports. Be sure to pack appropriately and consider dressing in layers to help you prepare for the climate change. Remember to pack your sunscreen if you plan to spend some time on the beach. Most of all, enjoy your special January honeymoon or winter vacation getaway.

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