Cocktail Party Checklist for Shopping and a To Do List

If you are planning a cocktail party for your guests, be sure to create a cocktail party checklist to help you prepare for the occasion. A cocktail party checklist will give you great guidance as a shopping list as well as a “To Do” list to get your home ready for the cocktail party. To ease your stress levels, start planning for your cocktail party in advance so you don’t have to rush at the last minute.

As you start thinking about your cocktail party checklist, be sure to write down any ideas that come to mind. You can use this cocktail party checklist or make up your own including any of the suggestions below. Don’t forget to be creative and add your own flair to all the cocktail parties you host.


Cocktail Party Checklist – Alcohol Shopping List
Be sure to pick up a variety of the following spirits as part of your cocktail party checklist:

1.    Rum
2.    Vodka
3.    Gin
4.    Whisky
5.    Tequila
6.    Flavored Rum / Flavored Vodka
7.    Amaretto
8.    Brandy
9.    Schnapps or Other Fruit Flavored Liquors

Cocktail Party Checklist – Mixers and Garnishes Shopping List
Don’t forget to pick up these mixers, juices, sodas, and garnishes to ensure your cocktail party is a shining success:

1.    Limes
2.    Lemons
3.    Oranges
4.    Maraschino Cherries
5.    Olives
6.    Sweet & Sour Mix
7.    Cosmo Mix
8.    Bloody Mary Mix
9.    Tom Collins Mix
10.    Daiquiri Mix
11.    Margarita Mix
12.    Pina Colada Mix
13.    Coke / Pepsi (and diet soda for the calorie conscious)
14.    Sprite / 7up
15.    Cranberry Juice
16.    Pineapple Juice
17.    Grapefruit Juice
18.    Orange Juice
19.    Lots of Ice
20.    Food as needed to serve as hors d’oeuvres

Cocktail Party Checklist – Menu Suggestions and Food or Hors D’oeuvres to Serve
Consider these ideas for what kind of food to serve at your cocktail party or come up with your own cocktail party menu:

1.    Piggies in blankets (cocktail weenies)
2.    Cheese puff pastry
3.    Shrimp Cocktail
4.    Cold cuts or mini sandwiches
5.    Chicken or beef on skewers
6.    Swedish or sweet & sour meatballs
7.    Chips and dip of your choice
8.    Cheese and crackers
9.    Baked Brie
10.    Veggie tray
11.    Fruit tray
12.    Pastry tarts
13.    Brownies or cookies
14.    Chocolate mousse
15.    Cake or pie

Cocktail Party Checklist – Bar Supplies
Keep these bar supply items on hand to successfully concoct just about any kind of cocktail:

1.    Shaker
2.    Strainer
3.    Shot Glasses
4.    Variety of Glassware
5.    Cocktail Napkins
6.    Bar Tools
7.    Bar mop
8.    Stirrers
9.    Straws
10.    Cocktail Swords / Umbrellas

Cocktail Party Checklist – To Do List
Use this cocktail party To Do List to help you get ready to host a cocktail party at your home:

1.    Invite guests.
2.    Purchase all liquor.
3.    Purchase groceries and relevant bar supplies.
4.    Make the food or get your party catered.
5.    Slice the fruit.
6.    Chill the mixers and sodas.
7.    Place ice in an ice bucket.
8.    Set up a buffet area for the food.
9.    Set up a special area to function as the bar.
10.    Enjoy!

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