Top Golf Getaways in the USA and Reasons to Enjoy Them

Whether you are dreaming of far away golf getaways or simple weekend golf getaways, you and your buddies are sure to enjoy a vacation full of golf, beer, good food, and relaxation. Going on an annual golf trip is a vacation staple for many guys while memberships to country clubs or golf related gifts top the charts for many Christmas presents, birthday presents, and even anniversary presents. Many men love golfing and especially golf getaways, making golf related travel and golf related gifts among some of the best their wives, girlfriends, and families can buy.

Avid golfers make a point to visit the top golf getaways in the United States whenever possible. Many golfers will plan a vacation elsewhere for a different reason, or may get stuck going on a business trip, and just happen to decide to bring along their clubs in case they can fit in some time on the greens. Whether you are a golfer looking for great golf getaways for your vacation planning or a loved one of the avid golfer looking for a great golf related gift, consider the following top golf getaways in the United States.

1.    Pine Valley Golf Getaway – In Pine Valley, N.J. awaits the most recognized and top ranked golf course in the United States. A golf getaway to Pine Valley may be the pinnacle of one’s lifetime in golf.

2.    Myrtle Beach Golf Getaways – Myrtle Beach, SC offers so much to do besides golf, making it a great place for a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend to travel together. From beaches to shopping, excellent dining options, and so much more, Myrtle Beach golf getaways really offer a well-rounded vacation for the whole family.

3.    Florida Golf Getaways – While no courses in Florida made it to the top 10 US golf courses on for 2007 or 2009, Florida golf getaways still have so much to offer. Like Myrtle Beach, golf getaways to Florida can be a great time for the entire family, from Walt Disney World to Sea World, from shopping and dining to beaches, fishing, and just about anything and everything else.

4.    Las Vegas Golf Getaways – Las Vegas, NV golf getaways make great golf excursions for the soon-to-be-wed as well as the birthday boy and just about any other golfer out there. The nightlife and the cuisine in Las Vegas allow golfers to enjoy a thorough and memorable golf vacation, whether over the weekend or throughout the course of a week. If tagging along for some of their own fun, wives and girlfriends may also enjoy the nightlife, shopping, and shows in Vegas.

5.    California Golf Getaways – Sunny California offers countless reasons to take a vacation to the West Coast, with golf being among the top for many travelers. California boasts two golf courses on the top 10 list at – both, of course, in Pebble Beach, CA. Planning two golf getaways in one, visiting both Pebble Beach and Cypress Point, would be an unbelievable, unforgettable golf outing to live on for years to come.

6.    New York Golf Getaways – New York State offers two fun golf getaways on the top 10 list, including Shinnecock Hills and National Golf Links of America, both located in Southampton, NY. The Hamptons in New York would definitely be a great vacation destination for golfers, and a golf getaway to the Hamptons would be an especially thoughtful gift.

7.    Pennsylvania Golf Getaways
– Pennsylvania also nailed two spots on’s top 10 list for 2007 and 2009 best golf courses in the US. Golfers may enjoy a golf getaway to Oakmont or Merion (East). Golfers from the Philadelphia area may find the commute relatively easy while other golfers who aren’t as local may want to consider a weekend golf getaway to either or both of these golf destinations.

8.    Augusta, Georgia Golf Getaways – Ranked #3 in both 2007 and 2009, Augusta National Golf Course would be an exceptional golf getaway. Augusta also offers countless things to do and great dining, making it a nice golf destination as well as a place you could vacation for a few days longer.

Sand Hills in Nebraska and Pacific Dunes in Oregon also rated in the top 10 on’s top 100 list. A golf outing to either of these destinations may be just as enjoyable as any of the above golf getaways. Depending on your geographic location, you can probably find golf getaways much closer to home for a nice weekend golf getaway, or you can plan an entire vacation around a golf trip while peppering in other activities as well. Whatever you decide, we hope you enjoy all the golf getaways you try!

Top 10 Excuses to Go on a Golf Getaway
If you still need a reason to enjoy any of these golf getaways, consider these top 10 excuses to go on a golf getaway:

1.    Bachelor Party
2.    Birthday Party
3.    Guys’ Weekend
4.    Celebrating the Birth of a Buddy’s Child
5.    Christmas Present from Wife or Parents
6.    Annual Golf Excursion with Friends
7.    Family Reunion Golf Outing
8.    Golf Outing for Charity
9.    Business Related Golf Outing
10.    Golfing to Relax, De-stress, and Refresh Your Life

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