Top 10 Gifts for Your Children on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for sweethearts! You can spring for a small gift for your son or daughter to show how much you care. A gift for as little as $1 or as much as you would like to spend can instill a very fond memory and impression of Cupid’s day of love for your little ones. …But what kind of gift should you get for your son or daughter on Valentine’s Day?

Depending on the ages of your children, you can find a suitable Valentine’s Day gift for your daughter or son just about anywhere. Here are our top 10 gifts for your children on Valentine’s Day.

1.    Toys – Stuffed animals, action figures, Barbies, and other kids’ toys can be a great Valentine’s gift for your son or daughter.

2.    Games – Board games and video games can be a great Valentine’s gift for your son or daughter. The Ladybug Game by Zobmondo brand is a fun game for kids as young as three years old. This game is open to two to four players and features an adventure in the garden for the ladybugs who are trying to get home without running into too much trouble with some of the garden pests. Your child can learn about bugs and flowers while having fun playing this game.

3.    Candy – Valentine’s PEZ, candy hearts, cinnamon red hots, or any of your kids’ favorite candies will be much appreciated. If your budget is low this year for Valentine’s Day gifts, a small candy gift could be the perfect fix.

4.    Movies – A children’s movie may be the perfect gift for your kids this Valentine’s Day. If you have a boy and a girl, you might want to get two different kids’ movies to satisfy both your children.

5.    Music – Valentine gifts of music can be a great way to reach out to your teen or preteen child. If you know what bands your kids like, and you already know which music albums they have, a gift of their most desired new CD – or an iTunes gift card – could be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

6.    Perfume / Cologne – As your sons and daughters start to get older, a gift of perfume or cologne could be a great way to give them a gift that is mature yet also age appropriate. Fragrances by Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, and Britney Spears can be a great option for Valentine gifts for your daughters.

7.    Art Sets / Model Kits – Arts and crafts kits and model kits can be a fun and educational gift for your children on Valentine’s Day. This type of gift can also be enjoyable for parents and children to use together.

8.    Tickets to a Special Event – Sometimes the gift of an experience shared together is cherished far beyond any material gifts. A special Valentine’s Day gift of tickets to a sporting event or concern could be a good way to bond with your child as well.

9.    Jewelry or a Watch – Jewelry and watches are classic Valentine’s Day gifts for sweethearts as well as for children. You can get your son a watch or get your daughter a locket, bracelet, or a pair of earrings to show how much you care.

10.    A Card with Money – When all else fails, a Valentine’s Day card signed by you accompanied by a $5 bill (or more if you can spare it) makes a very special holiday for your child.

No matter what you decide, spending at least part of Valentine’s Day with your kids could be gift enough. Make special time with your children even if you are already planning an extra-special date with your spouse or significant other. You could make Valentine’s together, watch a movie, or simply share some gourmet chocolates right out of the box. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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