Romantic Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day and Special Dates

Romantic curls make a great Valentine's Day hairstyle.So many couples plan a special date for Valentine’s Day that it gives women that perfect excuse to get their hair done or to do their own romantic hairstyles for the occasion. You can consider so many different romantic hairstyles for Valentine’s Day dates, no matter if your hair is short, long, or somewhere in between. Dress your hair up or leave it down to suit the formality of your Valentine date. To save a little money this year, you can create your own romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyles at home.

If you think about romantic hairstyles and romance as an element of beauty, you might think back to the covers of some romance novels. Remember the heroine’s hairdo? Often, these romantic hairstyles are loose, cascading curls, sweeping waves, or long and flowing hair. Valentine hairstyles or romantic hairdos can be very low maintenance or a bit more complex, depending on how you like your hair styled.

Try this romantic hairstyle by Philip Pelusi for a V-Day date.“Most definitely loose curls, sweeping wave, and long flowing hair appear romantic and are perfect for a special Valentine’s Day hairstyle,” says Philip Pelusi. “Also wearing hair swept up into a loose ponytail with several curled pieces falling around the face.”

Valentine’s Day hairstyles should match the sweet, sexy, or sensual side of your personality while also complementing your Valentine’s Day outfit. Play up your hair for Valentine’s Day for a romantic date or a fun night at home.

Pelusi offers his own step-by-step instructions on how to get romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyles at home.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Hairstyle #1: Long, Loose Curls and Waves
Long and loose curls and waves are a favorite look for many top celebrities looking for no-fail hairstyles. The long and loose curls and waves can really soften your look, giving you a very romantic appearance and a head full of hair for your sweetheart to run through his fingers. Consider these step-by-step instructions for a romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyle involving long, loose curls and waves.

1. To wear hair in long, loose curls and waves, first shampoo and condition with a combination strengthening and weightless moisturizing formula to leave hair in top condition but full of body,” instructs Pelusi. “Try P2® by Philip Pelusi® Long gev ity® Shampoo and Long gev ity® Conditioner. This will strengthen, detangle and condition longer hair preparing it to be styled into your special Valentines hair style.”

2. Next, apply a volume and curl boosting product like P2® by Philip Pelusi® ReCurl.

3. Comb through your hair with a wide tooth comb and gently push natural waves and curls gently into place.

4. Allow to air dry or blow dry with a diffuser attachment.

Note: If hair is straight, follow the same instructions but gently scrunch hair with fingers while diffusing.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Hairstyle #2: Tousled Curls for Naturally Curly or Wavy Hair
Tousled curls are a sexy and romantic hairstyle for any occasion, but especially for Valentine’s Day or a romantic date. Tousled curls tend to go every which way in a somewhat disheveled fashion, yet still looking sexy and seductive. Try these step-by-step instructions from Philip Pelusi to get a romantic tousled curls hairstyle for Valentine’s Day or any special date.

Try tousled curls for a romantic Valentine's Day hairstyle. (Photo courtesy of Philip Pelusi)“If hair is naturally wavy or curly, simply wear natural or touch up curls with a large barrel curling iron to polish up and define curls,” Pelusi recommends.

1. To help hold curls in, lightly mist each piece before curling with a body building spray. Try P2® by Philip Pelusi® Define Root Lifting Spray. If hair is straight, use the same curl locking spray but set your entire head in hot rollers.

2. Leave in until completely cool, remove and tousle curls.

“The trick to keeping both of these looks sexy and romantic is to curl the hair in opposite directions,” Pelusi advises. “Roll some curls going forward and others going back. And tousle the curls with fingers using a product that gives that ‘just from the beach’ sexy hair texture. Try P2® by Philip Pelusi® BeachComber. This creates soft texture and has an unbelievable citrus scent.”

Romantic Valentine’s Day Hairstyle #3: Loose Ponytail…

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