Celtic and Irish Wedding Centerpieces from Budget Friendly to Elegant and Extravagant

Irish and Celtic wedding centerpieces can be fun or formal. Consider a decorative horseshoe centerpiece.Irish and Celtic weddings are a timeless and beautiful way to celebrate your nuptials. Holding close to your heritage or to your spouse’s heritage is admirable and just cause for a lifetime of lovely memories from a special tradition celebrated in love. Finding the perfect decorations for your Irish or Celtic wedding may be a challenge, especially if you’re taking the Irish and Celtic customs and traditions into consideration for the entire wedding service and celebration.

Beautiful Irish and Celtic themed centerpieces can set off your wedding decorations with style and grace. From the flowers you choose (if you decide to use floral centerpieces) to the glassware or containers, accents, and more, centerpieces become a conversation piece as much as a visual symbol of your perfect unity.

Centerpieces for Irish and Celtic Weddings
As you plan your Irish or Celtic wedding and prepare down to the last detail of your ceremony and reception, decide which aspects are most important to you. If your decorations and centerpieces rate high on your list, you might look for classy and elegant crystal centerpieces. If budget is a concern in planning your wedding, you might consider Irish or Celtic themed wedding centerpieces that you can make yourself. Here are some suggestions for Irish wedding centerpieces and Celtic wedding centerpieces across the board:

Do-It-Yourself, Budget-Friendly Irish and Celtic Wedding Centerpieces
These Irish and Celtic centerpiece options may be a great way for you to work together with your bridesmaids or family to create lovely, memorable centerpieces that your guests will simply love. These Irish and Celtic centerpieces also should work well within your budget – just ensure you leave yourself enough time to handcraft them!

•    Painted Flowerpots with Live Shamrocks
– You can purchase very inexpensive clay flowerpots at just about any superstore like Wal-Mart, garden shop, hardware store, or craft store. You might even find a good deal for small flowerpots online. Pick up some paint in your wedding colors, a few different sizes of paintbrushes, and a shiny clear gloss to coat the pots. Paint each flowerpot to be unique from the others for a creative display or paint them all the same for uniformity. Add a bit of potting soil and some shamrocks from a local nursery, or grow them from seed prior to your wedding. For a complementing wedding favor, you can even give your guests personalized packs of shamrock seeds with your wedding date and names on them.

Horseshoes make nice accents for Irish and Celtic weddings.•    Glass or Crystal Bowls with Real Ivy and Pillar Candles or Tea Lights
– The truth is, many wedding reception halls offer this type of wedding centerpiece as part of the wedding package. The bowls are likely just plain glass and your guests will not get to take home the centerpieces, but this is definitely a pretty and budget friendly way to dress up your wedding tables.

•    Horseshoes – For a simple, unobtrusive wedding centerpiece, display the luck of the Irish at every table with a real horseshoe as the centerpiece. Remember to find a way to stand the horseshoe up on its curve so the luck doesn’t run out! One cute way to achieve this would be to tie a ribbon of your wedding colors to each end of the horseshoe and bring it up into a bow at the top so the horseshoe can hang. Then, place an ornament holder or another kind of hanging stand in the center of the table, and loop the ribbon and its bow over the hook so the horseshoe hangs in the correct way. You could also place several horseshoes with bows in the center of the table without suspending them.

Classy and Elegant Irish and Celtic Wedding Centerpieces
As a unique spin on the centerpiece idea, the bride and groom could opt for classy and elegant Irish and Celtic wedding centerpieces that all tell their own story. The couple could borrow authentic crystal and porcelain pieces from family members or they could pick out their own unique centerpieces for each table and then add them as beautiful additions to the couple’s home following the wedding.

Pitchers, bowls, vases, candle holders, votives, and other decorative pieces in Irish crystal or porcelain could be the perfect kind of Irish and Celtic wedding centerpieces. QVC offers a number of beautiful pieces that could be a nice collection of Celtic and Irish wedding centerpieces, including Tipperary Crystal Set of Two “Star Range” Candleholders (QVC Item #H09445, approximately $51), Galway Crystal James Callaghan Ltd. Ed. 10-inch Footed Bowl (QVC Item #H09446, approximately $97), or the Galway Crystal Kylemore 4-inch Rose Bowl (QVC Item #H06720, approximately $28).

Couples could also find more extravagant pieces to add to their homes, but first displaying the items at the wedding reception. No matter what the wedding budget, couples should be able to find beautiful, breath-taking Celtic and Irish wedding centerpieces to complement their wedding theme.

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