The Attraction of Finding a Mate with a Foreign Accent

People with different accents become instantly attractive to many of us.For some reason, people often love hearing someone speaking with a different accent. From Australian accents and British accents to American accents, southern accents, and countless others, listening to someone speak with a different accent can be exciting, fun, and romantic, all in one. In many cases, someone’s accent may actually be a selling point as far as whether one person feels attracted to another.

Rochelle Peachey is the founder of I Love Your Accent, an online dating site dedicated to bringing together people with different accents, such as British accents, American accents, and numerous others. Peachey is the author of two books on dating, and she herself has a British accent.

Talking on the phone with someone who has an accent can be exciting and romantic.“In the course of my research for those books, I met over 2,000 men, hence the dating expert title,” shares Peachey. “For years, men and women friends and colleagues have asked if I have a friend they could meet or if I can help them find a date, hence was born.”

Rochelle Peachey kindly decided to answer some burning questions about attraction to a person with a foreign accent or a different accent.

Q. – What is it about a person’s accent, when different from our own, that makes them that much more attractive?

A. – Rochelle Peachey, I Love Your Accent:
“Intrigue, it’s exotic, not the norm, it’s exciting to meet someone from another country.”

Q. – What are some of the most popular or most common accents on your site?

A. – Rochelle Peachey, I Love Your Accent:
“Honestly, we have accents from all over. Posh like the Queen is popular, so is Liverpool like the Beatles but there are all matter of accents on the site, which is great.”

Q. – Do you find certain accents to be the most desired?

A. – Rochelle Peachey, I Love Your Accent:
“Posh and Cockney, only this morning someone said I sounded like Posh Spice, who doesn’t speak Posh at all, so it’s weird that she’s even called that!”

Q. Do you have any tips to help someone find a partner with an appealing accent? Are there any special ways to use your accent as part of your approach romance?

Speaking to someone with an accent can often spark a romantic interest.A. – Rochelle Peachey, I Love Your Accent:
“Well I use my accent to my advantage; people are amazed sometimes that I don’t have an American twang and that I still say water with a T and not D after being in the States for so long. My children speak completely American when they are with their friends but slip right back in to English with us. I cannot stand the way kids here use the word LIKE as in ‘I was like, what did you do?’ Another word that is so overused is ‘awesome.’ When the guy came to fix my cable TV I asked if he wanted a drink and he said, ‘water would be awesome…’ Well no, water would be refreshing; a spaceship landing in my pool would be awesome!”

Q. – Do you have more males or more females looking for a partner with an accent? Who is most desired – males with accents or females with accents?

A. – Rochelle Peachey, I Love Your Accent:
At the moment we have plenty of females looking for American men and vice versa.

Q. – If you think about it, doesn’t everyone have their own accent? Even if it’s just in pronunciation or emphasis on different syllables or how soft or hard your vowels are, etc.? What truly makes up an accent?

A. – Rochelle Peachey, I Love Your Accent:
“Anything that’s different from yours, or the way people in your town speak, that makes you stand out, hence ‘Oh I Love your accent.’”

Q. – Anything else you would like to add?

A. – Rochelle Peachey, I Love Your Accent:
“Someone will win a flight to London as we launch on Valentine’s Day, sign up now for a chance to win.
Don’t just say I Love your accent, be a part of it.”

About the Expert:
Rochelle Peachey is married with two sons born and raised in London England and living in Florida for 12 years. She is the author of two books on dating in the personals and she is also sometimes described as a dating expert due to all the dates she went on when researching for those books. Peachey travels frequently to UK and is constantly asked if she knows of a nice American man or woman that she could introduce to her contacts.

“I like it when someone tells me they love my accent,” says Peachey. “It’s a compliment and you can never have too many of those. I am the face of this site, and that’s unusual in this business, so if anyone has questions or problems with anything, they can email me and I will reply.”

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