Best Places to Travel or Have Your Honeymoon in February

Escape the cold in February and travel to these tropical destinations instead.February is a romantic month for honeymoons and vacation getaways. This month is the shortest of the year, but also one of the coldest and most volatile when it comes to winter storms in the northern hemisphere. Taking a holiday in February and spending some time on vacation, whether for an anniversary, babymoon, honeymoon, or just a regular old vacation can be a thrilling change from a typical February at home.

Despite being such a short month, February offers a variety of special dates to consider for your vacation. You can plan a romantic getaway over Valentine’s weekend or an entire week encompassing the feted love day. You might also consider President’s weekend, which often gives you a free paid day off from work, but counters with busy airports and slow transportation services.

Try these exotic locations for your February vacation.February also shines bright with leap year once every four years – making it a great reason to travel by tradition. Plan a special February vacation over every leap year so you can really look forward to a bigger, better getaway every four years.

Consider the following top February honeymoon hotspots and travel getaway destinations to help you plan your winter vacation.

Top February Travel Destinations and Honeymoon Getaways

Consider these top places to visit for your honeymoon or vacation in February.1.    Aruba
2.    Australia
3.    Bahamas
4.    Belize
5.    Caribbean Islands
6.    Costa Rica
7.    Curacao
8.    Jamaica
9.    Kenya
10.    Maldives
11.    Mexico
12.    New Zealand
13.    Thailand

* Destinations suggested by Joyce Scardina Becker, CMP, wedding designer and president of Events of Distinction

If traveling during Valentine’s Day or if you’re hoping to have a romantic trip, especially for your honeymoon, don’t forget to inquire with your hotel about any romance packages they may have available. You can also pack your own bubble bath and candles, buy some champagne when you get there, and relax while watching the sunset on the beach.

Once you’ve selected your special February vacation destination, be sure to plan your trip with enough advanced notice that you can work out the details for meals, activities, and more. Pack according to the weather for February at your honeymoon or vacation destination, but don’t forget to pack or wear something warm if you live in a colder climate this time of year.

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