Top 10 Home Improvements to Make When You Don’t Plan to Move for a While

Remodel your bathroom for better quality of life in your home and a better resale value.If you are planning to live in your home for quite a while, the home improvements you choose to make can embrace your own sense of style. If you don’t plan to move anytime soon, you can make various home improvements to enhance your quality of life in your home while also increasing the future resale value of your house and property.

When you want to make improvements to your home, think about the most important elements to you and your family. Decide if you would like to make improvements to the inside or the outside of your home. Consider these top 10 home improvements to make when you don’t plan to move for a while.

1.    Introduce new landscaping – New plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees are great for curb appeal. If you work on your landscaping over a couple years living in your house, you will be able to create a beautiful backdrop for your home.

Consider installing hardwood floors in your home while you still plan to live there and enjoy them.2.    Redo your front walkway – A new front walkway, especially one with pavers, can instantly change the look of a home while adding curb appeal.

3.    Install hardwood floors – Hardwood floors are a bonus for many people, whether in older homes or new construction. They’re also nice to enjoy while you live there.

4.    Upgrade your kitchen – An upgraded kitchen can seriously increase the resale value of your home while also improving your cooking and eating experiences.

5.    Enhance your bathroom with luxury
– A luxurious bathroom remodeling can also greatly enhance your home’s resale price while making your daily life more enjoyable. Consider a soaking tub, ceramic tile or real stone, or even heated floors.

6.    Put in a patio – A patio can be a great addition for entertaining and enjoying a meal outside, but it also enhances the atmosphere of your home and property.

7.    Add an addition – If you need extra space or if you’ve always dreamed of expanding or enhancing your home, go for it while you still have a chance to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Add landscaping to your home for instant curb appeal and a great feeling about living there.8.    Finish the basement – Whether a family recreation room, a man cave, or a wine cellar, a finished basement adds a lot of value to your home in the future and the present. Enjoy special time in your finished basement with your family, spouse, or friends.

9.    Install new siding
– New siding installation can be quite the big expense. Making this kind of investment may be more manageable when you plan to live in your current home for a while.

10.     Install new windows – High quality and new windows can help keep your heating bill from going through the roof by improving efficiency. Consider installing new windows while you still live there so you can enjoy them.

Some other home improvements you might make when the time comes include replacing your roof and repaving your driveway. Depending on the number of years you live in your house, you may be able to get away with not replacing these elements of your home and leaving them for the next family to handle.

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