Tips for Wearing Red Nail Polish (Even When You Aren’t Sure it’s Your Color)

Here are tips for wearing red nail polish even if it isn't your best color.What could be more classic than wearing red nail polish on fingers and toes? The truth is, certain nail polish colors look better on certain skin tones and nail shapes than others. In fact, some people may not like how certain nail polish colors – like red – look on their fingertips at all. If this is the case for you, consider getting a little more creative with your red manicures and pedicures. Consider all shades of red – dark red nail polish, blood red nail polish, fire engine red nail polish, burgundy wine nail polish, and everything in between.

Wearing red nail polish may not be for everyone. However, if you like the color red, but just don’t think it looks right on your hands or feet, consider sprucing up your mani and pedi a little bit to accommodate this flashy and fabulous color.

Tips for Wearing Red Nail Polish
Consider these tips to help you decide how you can still wear red nail polish even if you aren’t crazy about how it looks on your fingers and toes.

You can still wear red nail polish even if you don't think it looks right.•    Keep trying different shades of red nail polish, from blood red nail polish to extremely dark red nail polish, to burgundy, or even an orange-red hue. You should eventually be able to find a red nail polish color that you like on you.

•    Try different types of topcoats after applying red nail polish. You might find a golden shimmer topcoat or a pearlescent or iridescent nail polish topcoat makes your run-of-the-mill red nail polish an unbeatable shade for you.

•    Accent your nails with red, don’t drown them in it. Instead of full sets of red nails, think about using red as an accent color on a different nail polish color applied predominantly on all your nails.

•    Try the art of creating your own nail designs using red. This would be an especially nice nail treat around Valentine’s Day or Christmas when reds are all the rage. Painting a red heart or a red Santa hat is a lot different than painting all 20 of your nails red.

•    Start with pinks and work your way darker. If you ease into the bold red nail polish colors, you may be more accepting of them.

•    Give red nail polish a shot anyway – maybe the reason you don’t like it is simply because you aren’t used to seeing it on your hands and feet. Find out from friends, family, or a significant other if they think it looks as weird as you do.

If all else fails, bypass red altogether and go for a different colored nail polish for your fingers and toes. While red is and probably always will be a classic nail polish color, there are countless colors – thousands of shades – available for you to try instead. Try neutral colors, pinks, purples, whites, grays, blues, greens, yellows, oranges, or anything in between.

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