How to Get Two-Tone Hairstyles at Home

Two tone hairstyle, courtesy of morgueFileYou may not need a special trip to the salon to get the cutting-edge, two-color hairstyle you desire. For a great two-tone hairdo, look no further than the beauty aisle of your favorite store and your own bathroom. Here are some tips from Colorist Sandy Taylor-Furst on how to get two-tone hairstyles in the comfort of your own home.

“You think that colorists can do your color more efficiently than at home; not always so,” says Master Hair Colorist Sandy Taylor-Furst, who is president and CEO of “I have seen some drawn out hair coloring processes that could have been done by someone at home.”

Sandy Taylor-Furst provides helpful tips and tricks for hairstyles on her Web site and through her DVDs. She offers these instructions to get the two-tone hairstyle you want, starting quite simply with the box instructions:

– One box of tint

– A highlighting kit

Step 1: Tint your hair. First things first – tint your hair according to the box instructions.

TIP: “If you have any white hair, allow the tint to stay on longer, for about 35 minutes rather than the 10 to 20 minutes the box recommends. (They just want the consumer to purchase more color more often.) Keep the tint on your hair for 35 minutes on the roots and then pull through the ends for the last 10 minutes.”

Step 2: Shampoo and condition. Apply the box conditioner, which is formulated to help soften the hair. This should return moisture to the inside of the cuticle/outer layer of hair.

Step 3: Dry hair. Dry hair until it is about 90 percent dry.

NOTE: “100% dry leads to more dryness, possible brittleness (breakage) when applying the highlight product. You can apply color onto damp hair.”

Step 4: Decisions, decisions. Determine whether you would like chunky or finer highlights.

Step 5: Highlight. Read and follow the directions. Apply the highlighting material according to where you would like to see the color fall around your head or face.

Two-tone hairstyle, photo courtesy of David Kitchenham, morgueFileTIP 1: Patience – “DO NOT BE IN A RUSH. Lightening materials (bleach) have to take your hair through the different stages of lightening. Brown hair goes from brown through brown/red to red to orange/red to orange to gold to banana yellow to a pale buttery color. So, DO NOT BE IN A HURRY to remove the highlights.”

TIP 2: Color saturation – “If color is not lifting, hit it with heat from a hood hair dryer or sit outside in the heat. Direct sun can fade the new color.”

TIP 3: Cleansing – “Shampoo and condition. As I state in my DVDs, condition only from mid-shaft through ends and only rinse for 10 seconds; otherwise you are only conditioning your drain.”

TIP 4: Education – “Plug in a Style Like A Pro DVD and Voila!…Great bi-color, great shiny style and a MORE confident you!”

Two-tone hairstyles can be hip and trendy or classic and sophisticated. These two-color or highlighted styles look great on women of all different ages. What you wear and how you style your hair also play into the overall impression that you make. We hope you enjoy your new and exciting two-tone hairstyle!


About the Expert:
Sandy Taylor-Furst is President and CEO of Style Like A Pro,


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