Valentine’s Gifts for Dad and Son

As much as we’d like to think that Valentine’s Day is geared towards moms and daughters alike, the fact is that dads, husbands, ableplanet Linx Audio True Fidelity (NC300B) Head Phones are an excellent Valentine gift for any man in your life.and sons are very much worthy of some special treatment, too. To celebrate our love for the men in our lives, we’ve come together, along with some very willing companies, to offer you some great gift ideas that may not have been considered….

Dads – We appreciate all that you do for us and to celebrate, here are some great products worthy of your honor! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gifts over $100.00:
Shred Sled Casterboard Skateboard is a great gift for boys and men of many ages.The Shred Sled has got to be the most absolute, must-have perfect Valentine Gift for Boys ages 9 and into their 40’s even. The Shred Sled Casterboard Skateboard is by far, the coolest thing my son says you can get a kid. It’s like riding a skateboard, but better.

The Shred Sled combines skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and even rollerblading Shred Sled is a great Valentine gift for kids to give their dads or for parents to give their sons.into one slick board. It’s composited with Caster Aluminum alloy with polyurethane wheels (4) and comes in three colors (Black, Blue, or Red). These babies are virtually indestructible and offer increased foot control — better than any “board” I’ve ever seen!!!

ARP: $119.99
Available at: or by visiting your local toys R us and also at


Gifts under $100.00:

ableplanet Linx Audio True Fidelity (NC300B) Head Phones would make any man fall to his knees. With exceptional noise canceling technology, your husband, son, dad (or anyone) will hear speech clarity and sound quality like he’s never heard before. They’re even compatible with iPod, iPhone, MP3 players, and Airline Audio Systems.

ableplanet Linx Audio True Fidelity (NC300B) Head Phones are an excellent Valentine gift for any man in your life.The minute I opened the box, my husband stood beside me, eagerly looking over my shoulders. Much like a kid in a candy store, every move I made, he was right there, waiting to pounce. Once he was given the “okay” to use them, it was all over for me. I think he forgot I was even home. Not one word rang out for me nor was he even aware that my music was blared in the other room (what? I had to test its quality too – LOL). I give this gift an A+ for quality and performance (and because they offer a lifetime warranty).

ARP: $99.99
Available at: Costco, Staples,, or

Gifts under $20.00:

Jovan Satisfaction for men is an affordable option for Valentine's Day.Jovan Satisfaction for Men is a wonderful idea if you’re on a budget for men’s fragrances, but don’t want to slack on the quality. Impressed? Yes, I was thoroughly impressed by the wonderful smell this cologne had. It fit well with his body chemistry and made for a wonderful day of “sniffing” his neck. The fragrance wasn’t overpowering nor was it too understated. It was perfect and lasts even when they’re working outdoors.

I hate to say it, but I never did care for the traditional smells of Jovan. I can’t say that anymore because my husband and I have, 9 out of 10 times, chosen Jovan over our regular colognes and perfumes. The smells complement each other and definitely prove to be “satisfactory.” I’m pleased to say that Jovan is now our favorite fragrance collection, without a doubt.

•    0.5 oz Eau De toilette Spray: $12.00
•    1.0 oz Eau De toilette Spray: $18.00
Available at: Walmart, Walgreens, Target, CVS, Rite Aid and Kmart and at

Surya Brasil Cosmetics has just introduced its first men’s line, called SAPIEN, and what a wonderful line it is. My husband tried it last night when he took his evening shower and liked it. He said it didn’t feel soapy like other body washes he’d used before. He also said he didn’t know what it was about the products that he liked, but that he liked them. The smells were nice and made him feel clean, like there was no residue left behind.

Surya Brasil Cosmetics has just introduced its first men’s line, called SAPIEN....The reason my husband wasn’t feeling the residue after washing is due to Surya Brasil products being beneficial to society and the environment. These products are 100% plant-based and do not contain any synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, or any other by-products. The products are purely organic and natural. If your husband, son, or father has wanted an alternative to the norm when it comes to men’s products, I can assure you that Surya Brasil will be a great replacement to any product used in the home now. My husband received a tube of shower gel, shave cream, and styling gel, all of which will be used in his daily washing regimen.

ARP: Vary according to product, but average around $13.00 to $20.00
Available at:


Consider a team grill as the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your man if price is no option.Now, we’d also like to mention, if price is no object in your shopping this Valentine’s Day, let us turn your head to this kick-butt, to-die-for, gotta-have-it product for dads that is sure to make every man, woman, and child jealous of your backyard grilling machine. Yes ladies, I’m talking about something that every man wishes they had (besides beer and football). This Valentine’s day, get him a TEAM GRILL! And ladies (gentlemen), these are no ordinary grills; these are “Team” Grills. That’s right, every sports team imaginable can be painted on these beautiful grills to make it custom to his likings. The paint is made of a special material that will resist stripping with high heat levels.

I know that, after visiting I’m one jealous woman. Just imagining the excitement on my husband’s face brings me to tears because I know how much he’d grill for us each week and how I’m totally missing out on it already.

ARP: Vary according to size and model, but the one I drooled over was priced at $1499.00
Available at:

Disclosure: Each company listed above provided product(s) as a sample of what they have to offer. With these products, I was able to form an opinion based on my use. I claim no liability for anyone who feels differently. Results may vary. Please go to sponsor’s official Web site for more information on the products of interest. Thank you.

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