How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photo by Kim Calakoutis

If ever in your entire life you get to feel like a movie star, it’s bound to be on your wedding day. The wedding photographer you select will spend hours with you, capturing your every expression, your every smile, on camera. Because you and your spouse-to-be will be working so closely with your photographer all day on your special day, it’s important that you ensure a comfortable chemistry between yourselves and the photographer.

The best starting point in selecting your photographer is to view many, many photographers’ portfolios and get to know what’s available these days. Consider all the possible styles and packages. Decide if you’ll be hiring a single photographer or a dynamic duo or photographer team. Keep your budget in mind as you shop for your wedding photographer. Remember, your wedding photography will probably be one of the more expensive elements of your wedding.

Wedding Photography by Kim Calakoutis

Many people agree that your wedding photography package is one place you don’t want to cut corners or skimp on your budget or on your planning. Wedding photos are something you will cherish and treasure forever. To get the best wedding photographs possible, you will want to enlist an experienced photographer who has a good personality and close attention to detail.

Kim Calakoutis is a professional photographer who specializes in weddings. She recently established her own wedding Web site to help brides as they plan their weddings. Calakoutis suggests considering the following items as you prepare to choose a wedding photographer.

As you plan to select your wedding photographer, Calakoutis stresses to consider these four elements closely:


1. Find a photography style you love. “When you picture your wedding photographs, what words come to mind? When you look at photographers’ Web sites, look for Web sites that match those words.”Photography by Kim Calakoutis

2. Personality is everything! “Do you feel comfortable around them? Are you able to tell them what you really want? Do you feel they are listening to you or just merely pacifying you?”

3. Budget is the bottom line. “We all hate to admit it, but budget is always a factor. Small things make big differences in pictures, so if you can afford it, try and find a photographer that works as a team. Having someone there to fix your dress, or facilitate the group shots will help the pictures run smoothly and quickly without compromising the quality.”

4. Reputation, reputation, reputation. “Need I say anymore? Are they well-known? Even if you don’t see them on your reception’s preferred vendors list, are they on anyone’s? Do you know anyone that used them? Do they have a studio? Are they experienced?”



As you prepare to choose your wedding photographer, make sure you review all the photo package options and any applicable discounts. Consider the photographer’s schedule if you are planning a wedding with short notice.

TIP: Wedding Photo Checklist – Don’t forget to compile a photo list of the most precious images you would like captured on your special wedding day! Here’s a sample wedding photography checklist to get you thinking on the right track. Good luck and best wishes!

About Kim Calakoutis:

Kim Calakoutis is a wedding photographer and recent bride who started her own Web magazine for other brides. Visit her wedding magazine, A Visual Guide for the Online Bride, at or check out her photography site at

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