Demeter Fragrance Collection Product Review

I’m really very excited about sharing some thoughts on a very cool collection. It’s something we all use, want Demeter fall harvest fragrance reviewsand need to make us feel and smell better… you guessed it — FRAGRANCES!

Demeter Fragrances are, by far, the most nature enhanced fragrances you’ll ever hear about or know about; I’ll tell you why. They have 250 fragrances inspired by real life objects. They have found use of those not so common smells and turned them into unique fragrances for the world to wear.

I was so impressed with the fragrances I received that I will no longer be buying “the norm.” Seriously — they have scents like: Laundromat, Sex on the Beach, Blueberry Muffin (for the kids), Patchouli, and more-more-more! I actually received Chai Tea (WOW!!!! My absolute favorite), Mulled Cider, and Cedar… the smells took me someplace back in time where the fragrance was strong in my memory. The fragrances really are that pleasant.

Demeter fragrance collection product reviewsOf the many good things I can say about Demeter fragrances; the one thing I’d like to mention is how perfectly practical this line is in terms of use. It’s practical in the sense that these fragrances can be worn every day. Forget having a special fragrance that only gets used on “special occasions”; use them daily, use them everywhere, use them in combination — they’re just perfect for everything!

As you just read, yes, you can use them in combination. With Demeter fragrances, you can actually combine scents to create your own. Because they have so many unique smells, you can splash any number of scents together and create a whole new, one-of-a-kind scent (all your own). I have been spraying and splashing the Mulled Cider and Chai Tea together and I love it… not to mention, I’m getting an awful lot of compliments about how great I smell throughout the day. Even people I’ve never met have come up to me and asked the “who Demeter Chai Tea fragrance product reviewmakes it” and “where’d you buy it” questions. After a quick Thank you, I tell them all about Demeter. This is usually about the time they start pulling out the pen and paper to jot down the Web address… it’s pretty funny but very enlightening at the same time.

You can’t forget the kids either. Demeter also has yummy smells that are perfect for the little princess in your home. So you say she likes Blueberry Muffins — great, you’ll find that fragrance on their site. Or how about Hot fudge Sunday? Now who wouldn’t want to smell like hot fudge Sunday? I know I would… yum! Think of all the followers you’d get with that smell (LOL). To put it simply, if you can imagine it, I’m sure they provide it! If not, I’m sure a little nudge to the home office about a particular smell can be requested. The possibilities are endless with Demeter Fragrances!

Demeter Mulled Cider fragrance product reviewIf you’re still considering what to get for those last minute stocking stuffers, Valentine gifts, birthday presents, and other gifts, you really should check out the official Web site (that’s, shop around and purchase a few bottles yourself. Who knows what smells might excite you? But I can tell you this, with 250 fragrances to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find something you want (or something you know a friend would drool over).

For more information on Demeter fragrances, please visit the Web site. You can also become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: Please note that I received product samples, for free, via Demeter Fragrances for the purpose of my review. This review is based on my experiences and may differ from others; therefore, I take no responsibility for anyone who feels differently. Please be aware that results may vary. Thank you.

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