Sonoma Soap Company Collection Product Review

I love, love, love the fall and winter months. One of my favorite things to do during this time of the year (aside Sonoma Soap Company product reviewsfrom visiting family and vegging out on the couch next to a cozy fire) is shopping for products that are themed for the season.

This product review features a collection of beauty products brought to you by Sonoma Soap Company. Sonoma is a brand that offers wonderfully fragranced natural products for the body and hair. Each one of their products is made with you and the environment in mind.

For my review, I received not one product, but six from Sonoma that were used over the course of the two weeks (happily). In the box was a bottle of their shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, hand and body lotion, bubble bath, and body gel. Each product was amazing and left me feeling soft, clean, and smelling fresh. I was actually very impressed with the smells, the results, and I would recommend Sonoma Soap Company to all.

Sonoma Soap Company Products:
Sonoma Soap Company Citrus Medley Shampoo Product ReviewCitrus Medley Shampoo – A beautiful aroma of fresh Sonoma citrus grove that will leave you wanting more…. The shampoo has so many wonderfully combined scents of pink grapefruit, sweet orange, green tangerine, spearmint, bucchu, and certified organic extracts; all in this gentle Citrus Medley Shampoo. As well as the ingredients above, each shampoo features nut shell extract, which is a traditional Indian hair remedy that provides added moisturization.
SIZE: 12 oz.
PRICE: $9.95
IDEAL FOR: All hair types

Sonoma Soap Company Natural Daily Conditioner First Crush Product ReviewNatural Daily Conditioner (First Crush) – Amazing results after the first use…. My hair felt so nice, soft, vibrant, and healthy looking. I loved the smell and it blended so nicely with the Citrus Medley Shampoo. Natural Daily Conditioner First Crush savors the 100% natural aroma of freshly crushed certified organic grape seed, red raspberry, and green apple extracts. Each formula is also pH balanced with precision and formulated with a natural vitamin complex to promote shine (and that it does).
SIZE: 12 oz.
PRICE: $9.95
IDEAL FOR: daily use for all hair types

Sonoma Soap Company Foaming Hand Soap Product ReviewSonoma Natural Foaming Hand SoapCitrus Medley foaming hand soap will leave you feeling wowed by the extra softness your hands exhibit. Enjoy the fresh aroma, as with the shampoo, of pink grapefruit, sweet orange, green tangerine, spearmint, bucchu, and certified organic extracts. Each bottle is enriched with therapeutic botanicals and natural aromas reminiscent of Sonoma Valley that will naturally soothe your hands and your senses.
SIZE: 8.4 oz.
PRICE: $8.95
USE: wash slowly; savor the pure fragrance and deep luxury of the orange grove

Sonoma Soap Company product reviewsNow these are just three of the six items I received (also received: Bubble Bath, Lotion, and Bath Gel), but I can assure you that, if tried, it will be loved. I’m just delighted to know that the Sun Harvest here in Corpus sells them (yea!!!). I know that I am going to be purchasing some products in the Citrus Medley and First Crush scents again. I love the way each and every product made my skin, hair, and hands shine. Now, if you’re wondering just what my favorite product out of the whole bunch was, I couldn’t answer you; the reason, I love them all equally. Sorry all — I just can’t see making a choice between any of them. You’ll just have to try them out for yourselves to see.

If you’d like to check out more of what Sonoma Soap Company has to offer, please feel free to visit If you’d prefer to purchase your products locally, please visit the Sonoma Soap Company’s store locator page for more details.

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: this review was made possible by Sonoma Soap Company. I was given the opportunity to receive free products in order to give you my straight and honest opinion. Results may vary therefore; I hold no responsibility for those who disagree with my opinions.

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