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Great Gifts for Pregnant Mommies and New Moms

What kind of gift do you get for a new mom or a pregnant woman without overdoing the baby clothes and accessories? Sometimes a special gift with the mom herself in mind can be the best kind of gift. From pampering products to stylish nursing clothes, gifts for expecting moms and new moms have come a long, long way.  You might just have to get a little creative.

As you plan to select a gift for your pregnant friend or family member, remember to keep her personal tastes in mind. That can greatly help you in selecting a personal gift that is both useful and meaningful. Consider these gift ideas for pregnant mommies and new moms.

Gift Idea #1: Toe Stretchers, Yoga Toes, or Pampered Toes
Sometimes the extra weight and the sheer exhaustion of being pregnant can cause pains in the feet, back, and other parts of the body. To help alleviate some of the discomfort, consider getting your expectant friend a set of toe stretchers like Yoga Toes or Pampered Toes by the maker of the Ped Egg. You can be sure she will appreciate the few moments of relaxation these types of products can provide to a tired mom-to-be.

Toe stretchers like Pampered Toes and Yoga Toes can range in price greatly. I recently picked up a pair of Pampered Toes at Bed Bath and Beyond for only $5, with the regular price being about $10. However, the Yoga Toes product typically sells for around $50 if my memory serves me. No matter what you decide, your friend’s body will thank you for it.

Gift Idea #2: French Toile Nightgown by Expressiva Nursingwear
Even new moms like to feel sexy during and after their pregnancies. A nightgown that is stylish and comfortable at the same time fits the bill for a perfect gift for an expectant mommy. The French Toile Nightgown by Expressiva Nursingwear is decked out in a fashionable red and cream pattern with lace trim at the bottom of the skirt and all the way around the bust area. The pattern includes hearts, flowers, and a bunch of swirls, curves, and abstract shapes, similar to paisley.

The bra cups for this comfy nursing nightgown are triangle shapes with adjustable straps and little clippies that easily unclip to reveal the hidden nursing area for easy breastfeeding while still keeping you covered up from sight. It seems like the folks at Expressiva have thought of every last detail in this lovely French Toile Nightgown. The style, pattern, and cut are gorgeous for any pregnant mommy or new mom. The fabric is soft and luxurious; a blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex. Add a pair of slippers and you have the perfect gift set. While I am neither pregnant nor a new mom at this point in my life, I am definitely going to remember this brand and their attention to quality when I am!

Expressiva specializes in nursing clothes for moms, such as supportive nursing bras, nursing nightgowns and pjs, nursing tops, and a nursing dress for special occasions. For more information, please visit www.expressiva.com.

Gift Idea #3: Gift Certificate to a Spa, Salon, or Other Special Store
Give the new mom or mom-to-be some special “me-time” with a gift certificate for something utterly indulgent like a day spa or high end salon. Your expectant friend can get a new haircut or indulge in a massage whenever she feels up to it following her pregnancy. A new haircut can help her feel sexy and sassy while a massage can truly rejuvenate her body and mind.

If the special mom-to-be isn’t a spa kind of gal, perhaps a gift certificate to a fancy boutique would do the trick. You can also look into gift certificates to nearby restaurants so she and her husband can escape for a romantic meal once things settle down.

No matter what, though, keep your friend’s preferences, likes, and dislikes in mind as you scope out her gift. All of these suggestions may not be a great fit for every expecting mom ever, but hopefully you can find the right gift in this list or while using this list as inspiration.

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