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Tips for Planning a Fantastic Hockey Party

If you love the game of hockey, then you will love the idea of hosting a hockey party for your friends and/or family. Even if you aren’t a fan of the game yourself, you can still have a lot of fun planning a hockey party for your better half who might just be an avid hockey fan.

Depending on your preference, you can center the entire party on a hockey theme or you can tone it down a bit and focus just the decorations on this theme. You should be able to find hockey-themed party goods including plates, cups, napkins, banners, etc at most brick-and-mortar or online party stores. Buy plastic silverware in the team’s colors. Make a list so that you can stick to your budget. This is important if you don’t want to have an overly large credit card bill next month.

All Out Hockey Play for Your Party

Okay, while you might find some of the following suggestions to be a bit over-the-top, die-hard hockey fans are sure to appreciate them. Use a white tablecloth and colored markers to create your own hockey floor, but be sure you leave some space for the fans. If you want to go all crazy, use colored candies instead of markers to create the blue lines, etc.

Since you can’t exactly serve pucks for food, serve biscuits in a basket otherwise known as scoring a goal. Place these down at one end of the table in the goal section. Down at the end of the table where the net would be located, set up the cookies in place of the “cookie jar” or top section of the net.

Put the chicken wings out where the left and right wings would be in play. Set up the “hot dogs” in the center of play somewhere on the hockey rink that you have created.

Put some boobirds (blue marshmallow peeps) up in the nosebleed section. While you are at it, place a few puck bunnies (pink marshmallow bunnies) near the hockey floor so they can cheer the players on.

Draw up a penalty box area on the tablecloth and sit your burgers in there. Use some red hot dollar candies out on the ice for pucks. Turn some lollipops upside down along the penalty box for hockey sticks. For some true hockey fun, place a couple of toy zebras out in your homemade rink as well. With a little bit of imagination, you are sure to come up with a few good ideas of your own to add a personal touch to your display.

Whichever way you decide to set things up for your hockey party, make sure that you put some effort and time into your menu planning. A full tummy is a happy tummy and a happy tummy makes a happy guest. So, if you provide plenty of yummy treats everyone will go home happy whether or not the guest’s favorite hockey team won the game.

Planning the Hockey Party Menu…

Planning the Hockey Party Menu

If you intend to keep the entire party focused on a hockey theme, then you need to think “hockey arena concession stands” when planning your menu. Typical food sold at the hockey rink include nachos (with or without cheese,) soft pretzels, chicken tenders, pizza, chili, burgers, hot dogs, popcorn, and so much more. Pick as many as you like, but remember to keep your menu manageable. If you have a lot of help, then the sky is the limit. If you are the only one prepping for this party (and you know, some of us do not have mothers that we can invite over simply because we know they’ll pitch in), then you need to keep the menu semi-simple.

Finger-food Appetizers for a Hockey Party

Chicken tenders or nuggets always seem to be sold at hockey rinks, so prepare some of Tyson’s yummy appetizers for your hockey event. Tyson makes it easy by selling both nuggets and wings with pre-made sauce packets that you simply pour over the meat once it is cooked. Flavor-wise you have Tyson’s Sweet and Sour chicken nuggets, General Tso’s chicken nuggets, Crispy Breaded wings with Citrus Fire Sauce, and General Tso’s chicken wings.

If you want to make meatballs, why not shape them into puck-like shapes? You can serve them with sturdy toothpicks; and if you are lucky, you might even find some shaped like hockey sticks! Set out small plates and napkins for an easy serving idea.

Swanson’s canned chicken is great for making yummy, cheesy quesadillas or adding to salads. Cut the quesadillas up for easy eating so your guests don’t have a rough go of it with drippy food. They’ll be licking their fingers anyway, but you want to avoid having them lick their shirts if you can. You can even make a spread with it and serve it on crackers.

If you are adept at cooking, use Hormel’s pre-sliced pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms, and whatever other ingredients you like to whip up some delicious, hearty Stromboli. This is a real popular feast, especially for the guys in the crowd.

Finger-food Snacks for a Hockey Party

Set up some of Hormel’s delicious pre-sliced pepperoni with sliced cheese and your favorite crackers for some finger munchies. A nice veggie tray is the perfect go-along for this snack idea.

Veggie Patch puts out a line of frozen veggie bites that are quite delicious. Think of them as a healthy alternative to potato chips and tortilla chips. You can choose from portabella mushrooms, corn, broccoli, artichoke and spinach. They are made with either mozzarella or cheddar cheese.

Of course, traditional hockey snacks include nachos and cheese, so be sure to put these out as your loyal hockey aficionados are going to be looking for them. Soft pretzels are great too. Make your own with raised dough if you have time the day before or you can cheat with store bought ones.

As an alternative, you can set out some Rudolph pork rinds. Personally, I would put these out once the crowd has had a chance to really get into the fun of the party. I think pork rinds are either an acquired taste or one that needs a certain something to go with them to make them palatable. These come in an original flavor as well as BBQ and Hot & Spicy. Rudolph recommends using one of their recipes: Taco Bean Dip, Peruvian Style Pork Rind Dip, or Chicharron Quesadillas.

Tasty Dips and Salsas for a Hockey Party…

Tasty Dips and Salsas for a Hockey Party

Smart Balance features a reduced fat and a regular variety of their sour cream. These are perfect for making your own dips or you can use one of these recipes: Artichoke-Garlic Spinach Dip, White Onion Dip,  or Creamy Avocado-Salsa Verde Dip.

I highly recommend serving Mrs. Renfro’s salsas with some type of chips. The flavors that are available are quite unique and really scrumptious. I honestly did not want to share these as they melted my taste buds to quivering jelly. Don’t let the flavors (Raspberry, Jalapeño, Pineapple, and Habanero) fool you into thinking that they aren’t going to be good, because they are really out-of-this-world.

If you want to serve a more traditional type of salsa, you can use Wholly Salsa in either its garden fresca or natural variety. The natural one is a bit spicier, while the garden fresca is sweeter and chunkier (my favorite by far of these two).

Guacamole is another one of those foods that you either love or you could do without. Not my fav again, but others loved it. One of the really neat things that I like is the way that you can create a mini-hockey rink display using Wholly Guacamole. Use the recipe and directions for Wholly Football Meaty Meal Dip – Wholly Guacamole, but turn it into a hockey display instead. I wholeheartedly suggest that you serve this with their Corazonas, whole grain tortilla chips with a squeeze of lime. These were undoubtedly delicious with a capital D!

Scrumptious Desserts for a Hockey Party

If you have the time to prepare Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies Treats using the recipe for Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies Treats® Mini-Footballs, shape them into hockey pucks instead of the footballs. Decorate them with the first letter of your favorite hockey team’s name using decorating frosting in one of your team’s colors.

Cut-out sugar cookies are perfect for hockey-themed parties too! Almost everyone loves the sugary goodness and the hockey shapes are going to add a touch of joviality to the party. Use sugar sprinkles in your team’s favorite colors to decorate the cookies. Visit a specialty kitchen store to shop for cookie cutters with a hockey theme (logos, hockey sticks, hockey pucks, etc) if you do not have any at home.

I received all of the brand-specific foods free except for the Kelloggs Rice Krispies so that I could sample them for the purposes of reviewing their usefulness for sports parties. You might not like all of them since each of us have our own favorites. In fact, some of the products are not my personal favorites while my family loved them. As long as you are having at least a half dozen people at your hockey party, you are sure to find someone who will enjoy each type of food that you put out.

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  • Really neat party ideas! Also Chocolate Butterscotch Holiday Tree is a hit, I am going to use Rice Krispies more often in my holiday cooking!