Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring Trends – Stylish and Stackable

Trax Flat Matte Wedding Band, Courtesy of Superfit Inc.An engagement ring and the wedding bands to follow are certainly the most emotionally precious and sentimentally valuable pieces of jewelry you will ever own. When a man proposes to his intended wife, it’s often true that he placed much thought into the engagement ring that serves as a sign of the couple’s intention to marry. Then, the couple often considers wedding band styles together. Trends in engagement rings and wedding rings are ever evolving and circling back to vintage designs. One of the most exquisite and utilitarian designs of the present day is the stackable set of rings.

Trax Flat Matte Wedding Band, Courtesy of Superfit Inc.

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Stackable engagement rings and wedding rings offer versatility and unique beauty to the wearer. The styles are classic and timeless. Stacking rings deliver a startling elegance that also carries a special convertible element. Wear the wedding ring by itself, with your diamond engagement ring, or together with another special ring you’ve received.

“I love stackable rings since they bring versatility to what can be a substantial investment due to soaring precious metals prices,” says Eric Alulis, a specialist in New Product Development for Superfit® Inc.

“They also make a great bridge between traditional bridal jewelry and fashion jewelry,” he says. “Their ‘stackability’ allows one to customize rings that hold sentimental value, and coordinate a look with a particular situation – vacation, party, etc.

UnityLine Flat Matte Wedding Band, Courtesy of Superfit Inc.“I love jewelry that can be worn with a formal gown, to work, and to a barbeque. And that is something you should consider when choosing your bridal jewelry.”

Stacking rings give their wearers options. They can mix and match the order of the rings, or only wear certain ones at a time. Other rings may be presented as gifts in the future – such as anniversary bands or birthstone rings to celebrate the birth of a child. The possibilities are virtually endless, as the purchaser’s own imagination is the chief limitation.

UnityLine Round Matte Wedding Band, Courtesy of Superfit Inc.“When shopping, keep in mind the different ways you intend to wear your set,” Alulis suggests. “Will you want to wear your diamond engagement ring alone? Will you want to wear a single wedding band alone and leave the larger diamond at home? This will help shape your final decision because choices can seem overwhelming.”

The option to wear the rings very separately is a nice alternative to wearing your diamond engagement ring to the beach or even during a backyard volleyball game. Stacking rings allow you the flexibility to wear several rings in the same sequence, or sometimes in a different sequence, as rarely or as frequently as you wish.

“A favorite designer of mine, Maeve Gilles (Maevona,, offers wonderful selections of truly fashion forward and unique bridal sets,” Alulis notes. “She always puts a lot of forethought into creating ensemble pieces that are a real departure from the standard mass marketed offerings.”

Stacking rings present a dramatically different appearance for the traditional engagement ring and wedding ring set. For example, a recent groom surprised his new wife on their wedding day with a set of stacking rings as her wedding band and a matching gift. He worked with his jeweler to create an identical ring to match his bride’s wedding band.

Together, the two men custom designed a set of stackable rings that would create a gorgeous symmetry between his wife’s engagement ring and the wedding band he designed for her. Justin’s wife had no idea that this additional ring existed until the moment when they stood together at the altar on their wedding day, within seconds of taking their vows. Justin’s own wedding ring also involved a custom creation – a platinum band featuring two tracks with a brushed center, boasting a number of petite diamonds set and spaced inside.

“Customization is a great way to add personal meaning to a bridal set,” Alulis explains. “Remember to mix metal colors and stone patterns to maximize versatility and create a unique look.

“This is also an opportunity to coordinate the gent’s band with the lady’s band, with respect to the traditional masculine look of men’s jewelry and the more delicate taste in ladies’ jewelry. Perhaps it’s an old fashion notion, but I really think bridal jewelry should have special meaning to its purchaser. It stands for an emotion, it reflects a sentiment as well as a special period in life, and a consumer shouldn’t necessarily settle for status quo.”


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The rings shown belong to the CliQ collection. All are available in Platinum, 14K gold, and 18K gold. Superfit® rings have an invisible hinge that safely and securely allows you to open and close your ring seamlessly for a perfect fit.

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