Skin Care Tips – Experience Finer Beauty with the Mannatech™ Optimal Collection

Having healthy skin is an important component of any woman’s wellness plan, and the products that she chooses to use should help her to achieve that goal. Maintaining a youthful look starts with clean skin that is moisturized and replenished. While there are any number of options available for women to use to soften, rejuvenate, and hydrate their skin, not all of them are worth their weight in gold. Personally, I discovered the Mannatech™ Optimal Collection to offer the perfect combination of skin-cleansing ability and pampering pleasure.

Believe it or not, the Mannatech™ Optimal Collection is the real deal – that is, as long as you follow the directions and use the products each day. After all, we aren’t young enough or foolish enough to believe that any of these skin products offer magical abilities to give us what people only dream the fountain of youth can provide. However, these products come relatively close to that – moisturizing dry skin, softening damaged skin, and minimizing fine lines and pores.

I admit that I have not been the most vigilant when it comes to using facial creams to maintain my skin’s natural softness or beauty. As a result, my face has started to show some wear-and-tear from old man winter who hasn’t been to kind to me with his harsh boldness and gruff ways as well as from the harshness of the sun. Dried out skin on a woman past her prime (or maybe not, as I’ll never tell) isn’t the prettiest of sights to see.

I had my doubts about these products as I have always leaned toward the glass-is-half-empty theory of life. I might soon be changing sides in regard to that idea though, because the Mannatech™ Optimal Collection has been much kinder to me in a speedier timeframe than facial products I have used in the past.

A touch of luxury is nice every once in a while and honestly, fancy facial scrubs, lotions, creams, and oils that actually do what they purport to do is a luxury that every woman should be able to afford. The Mannatech™ Optimal Collection utilizes a seven-step process that cleans, moisturizes, and refines your neck and facial skin to a softer, more beautiful appearance. I am so pleased with my results that I plan to continue using this product for quite a while. Here’s a run through of the products and the line up for using them.

The first step of this skincare process involves two products. First, you use the Optimal Face Cleansing Oil to remove makeup and any dirt. It’s gentle and silky. Next, use the Optimal Face Cleansing Cream to gently remove any remaining dirt or facial oil. I really like the silky feel and gentleness of both of these products.

Next, it is time to soften. The Optimal Skin Lotion comes in an adorable pump bottle and I feel as though I am pampering my face with its silky, rejuvenating formula. The next step involves the use of a special Skin Serum that is designed to help revitalize dry skin through its marine collagen ingredient. The combination of these two products made a visible difference in the suppleness of my skin without making it oily or sticky like some of the less expensive products on the market.

A lightweight moisturizer offers the benefit of providing a touch of hydration while protecting the skin against damage due to makeup or grime. The Optimal Skin Cream is perfect for this. One of my favorite products is the Optimal Eye Cream, which helped to minimize the fine wrinkles starting to form around my eyes.

Optimal After Shave Milk can be used by men, but I recommend saving it all for yourself. It’s great for nourishing your skin even if you haven’t shaved your legs. It is a delicate, luxurious concoction. This is the only product of the seven that isn’t designed expressly for the neck and face.

I found that using these products even only once a day made a huge difference to the condition of my skin, but twice a day did create a bigger improvement. I noticed a change after only the first three days, but my skin was a bit dry and damaged to begin with. By the end of the week my facial skin felt silky and smooth to the touch and fine lines began to fade a bit.

Products provided free to writer for reviewI received all seven of these products free for the purpose of reviewing them and I hope you discover the same great results if you decide to try them out. I recommend these products even if your skin is in good condition already since your face and neck deserve to be pampered.

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