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Try Neosporin Lip Products like Daily Hydration Therapy and Overnight Renewal Therapy to battle chapped lips.Are your lips chapped? If you live in a cold climate, chances are you’ve experienced some pretty chapped, sore lips from the bitter cold winters. Keeping your lips healthy and hydrated can really combat winter’s bite. Neosporin now offers a great remedy for super chapped winter lips. Neosporin Lip Health products, available as Daily Hydration Therapy in a squeeze tube and Overnight Renewal Therapy white petroleum lip protectant in a small tub with screw top.

My husband and I have used traditional Neosporin on extremely chapped lips for quite some time. Imagine our delight when we come to find out that Neosporin has actually formulated product specifically meant to help lips chapped due to the elements or any reason at all. Both Daily Hydration Therapy and Overnight Renewal Therapy products are compact and fit nicely in a pocket, purse, or in your medicine cabinet.

Try Neosporin Lip Products like Daily Hydration Therapy and Overnight Renewal Therapy to battle chapped lips.The Neosporin Daily Hydration Therapy product comes in a handy little squeeze tube with a twist cap. The applicator delivers a thin strip of lip therapy product that you can easily smooth over your lips and then smack them together to spread the lip product for even coverage. Because it contains sunscreen (SPF20), Neosporin Daily Hydration Therapy truly lives up to its name as a great option for daily lip care and preventing lips chapped by exposure to the sun.

The texture and consistency of the Neosporin Daily Hydration Therapy product is rich and creamy, delivering supreme hydration to lips whether chapped or not. This product is safe for reapplication as needed and helps to hydrate as well as protect against sunburn. There’s really no taste to this product that I can notice, and it is pleasant to wear on your lips as often as needed.

Neosporin Overnight Renewal Therapy is rich and emollient, offering overnight rejuvenation of your lips. When applying it with your fingertips, the product feels like soft, smooth butter. The active ingredient of white petroleum provides full coverage of your lips to soothe chapped lips and to heal cuts and cracks. This product has a lightly sweet and very slightly fruity aroma, but again, no taste.

TheProducts provided free to writer for review tube of Neosporin Daily Hydration Therapy is .35 ounces and retails for under $6. The jar of Neosporin Overnight Renewal Therapy lip protectant is .27 ounces and retails for under $6 as well. You can buy these products at your favorite drugstores and mass market retailers, as well as online at For more information, visit Neosporin Lip Treatment online.

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