How to Get Gorgeous 2010 Grammy Hairstyles of Jennifer Lopez, Colbie Caillat, and Taylor Swift

Create Taylor Swift hair - A soft and curly chicnon for the Grammy's is a sweet look for your hair or hers. Photo by events in the celebrity world are a great place to look for new and exciting hairstyles. From the A-listers to the up and coming, you can enjoy wearing the same kind of celebrity hairstyles as the stars, young and old. From the recent Grammy’s, you can try to create your own hairstyles like those worn by Jennifer Lopez, Colbie Caillat, and Taylor Swift.

Celebrity hairstylist Luke O’Connor shares the following tips to help you create beautiful Grammy’s caliber hairstyles at home. Simply follow these instructions to create a hairdo like Jennifer Lopez, Colbie Caillat, or Taylor Swift.

The Look:  Long Glamour Waves of Jennifer Lopez
“Jennifer Lopez embodied vintage Hollywood at its best,” says Luke O’Connor, who styled J-Lo’s hair. “Her soft, sultry waves completed the look, bringing a casual elegance to her stroll down the red carpet.”

To re-create Jennifer Lopez’s hairstyle at home, follow these steps by Luke O’Connor:

1.    Shampoo and condition hair with the Suave Professionals Healthy Curls line (or a similar shampoo and conditioner designed for curly hair).

2.    Apply Suave Professionals Healthy Curls Styling Foam (or a similar styling foam product for curly hair).

3.    Part hair down the middle.

4.    Blow-dry the mousse completely into the hair on a medium to low setting.

5.    Starting six inches from the roots, spiral-wrap two-inch sections of hair around a 1.5 inch curling iron to get glam curls.

6.    Soften hair with fingers.

The Look:  The Dressed-Up Wave of Colbie Caillat at the Grammy’s…

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