Shape Up or Slim Down with Shape Wear by Bubbles Bodywear and Yummie Tummie

While we may love our bodies, many of us can agree that we may not have been blessed with all the right curves in all the right places. Of course, some of us may have had the right shape at one point in time, but often with age, those curves migrate to other places, leaving us looking for a comfortable and affordable solution that doesn’t involve paying for plastic surgery. That’s where body shape wear comes in!

Whether you have a bit of a tummy that you’d like to hide or a nonexistent butt that you desperately wish would bump out just a bit, you can find a sexy solution in body shape wear. Wonderbra® first brought women a chance to enhance their cleavage and show off their busts, even if their genes blessed them with a little less than they would like. Now women can enhance or reduce the appearance of various body parts, all with a simple garment to do the job.

Body Shape Wear to Slim Down
Control top pantyhose and other leggings have long offered women the chance to compress their legs for a sexier look and full support. Body shape wear and slimming body wear have come a long way, now offering clever and discreet ways to slim your thighs, slenderize your tummy, and even minimize love handles and other unwanted extras.

Reaching out to assist in slimming and shaping, Yummie Tummie offers body shape wear and body shapers to slim your middle section smoothly and comfortably. The company offers a wide variety of tank tops and slips, among other products, in countless colors, styles, and patterns. Yummie Tummie body shape wear products are cute, colorful, and designed to be seen.

Approved by celebrities such as Heidi Klum and Oprah, Yummie Tummie features a special panel around the tummy area that slims and tightens right away. Other celebrities who have worn Yummie Tummie products include Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Lauren Conrad, Tyra Banks, Kimora Lee Simmons, Bobbi Brown, and Tina Fey.

Celebrity stylist and fashion designer Heather Thomson created the Yummie Tummie brand and product line to offer celebs and consumers a sexy solution to body shape wear needs. Yummie Tummie products are available in just about every color of the rainbow and in many shapes and styles. I received a black Yummie Tummie tank to review, and the slimming action is effective yet comfortable. The body wear tops truly are cute enough to be seen rather than hidden beneath your clothes.

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Body Shape Wear to Enhance Curves
If your problem areas tend to be more along the lines of not having enough curves, you can use body shape wear as a solution for this body need as well. Wonderbra can enhance your bust, giving your breasts a boost or a good lift, creating attractive cleavage and helping to enhance your wardrobe options. If you would like to shape up a flat butt, Bubbles Bodywear now gives you the opportunity to enhance your curves in the right places.

Bubbles Bodywear offers padded panties and derriere lifters to give women with flat behinds the chance to enhance their shape in jeans, work pants, skirts, dresses, and more. The Bubbles Bodywear product line includes both padded panties and panties and briefs that are designed to lift and accentuate your rear without padding. The double-O panty acts like a thong but has more support and coverage in other areas. This garment has no coverage on the cheeks but does have a thong-like strip to keep you covered up. The design of this panty is meant to lift and shape your butt without padding.

I received a selection of body shape wear from Bubbles Bodywear to check out and mention as options for women who would like to enhance the shape of their butts. The colors and styles of the Bubbles butt-enhancing panties are astounding. Some of the panties had removable pads in foam or silicone while others required no padding at all. Red, black, and nude are three popular colors that I received, in styles ranging from padded boyshorts to briefs, and even some in lace.

While I’m not sure that I personally need padded panties as I feel my butt is adequately shaped, I can truly see the benefit of these cool and unique undergarments for women who may have more of a boyish frame or quite simply, a flat butt.

Don’t be surprised if you go to the Web site for Bubbles Bodywear, though. This company offers so much more in body shape wear than butt-enhancing panties and accessories. I also received a set of pasties – cleverly named Boobles silicone nipple covers, and thigh shapers, and if you go to the site, you will see the many accessories and shape wear options available, from tops to bottoms and everything in between. Bubbles Bodywear even offers shape wear for men!

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