2010 SAG Awards Hairstyles of Marion Cotillard, Diane Kruger, and Nicole Kidman

At the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards event, popular celebrities sported sexy and very desirable hairstyles. You can bring photos of the styles to your own hairstylist for help creating gorgeous hairdos for special occasions, or try these hairstyles at home for a fun and faster result. Getting lovely hair like the celebs is no big feat; you just have to know what you are doing.

To create your own SAG Awards hairstyles like those worn by Marion Cotillard, Diane Kruger, and Nicole Kidman, as created by celebrity stylists Robert Vetica, Mark Townsend, and David Babaii. Try these step-by-step hairstyle instructions kindly shared by the celebrity hairstylists who created their looks.

SAG Awards Hairstyle of Marion Cotillard – A Retro Look in the Messy Bun Hairdo
To complement her daring short, white dress, Marion Cotillard needed a hairstyle that made the right statement. She relied on celebrity hairstylist Robert Vetica to create the right hairdo for the occasion. Vetica choose a somewhat retro look that blended a super smooth and shiny hair texture with a bit of a messy, disheveled bun. To keep the look sexy instead of grubby, Vetica made sure the silky shine and smooth texture ended up just right.

To create the same kind of SAG Awards messy bun hairstyle of Marion Cotillard, follow these steps:

1.    Apply Moroccanoil® Treatment or another shine treatment to wet hair so you can amp up the shine effects while also getting an easy blow-dry.

2.    Then, apply Moroccanoil® Hydrating Cream of a similar product to achieve definition and soft, non-sticky hold.

3.    Create a low side part.

4.    Pin-curl the sides in the direction going toward the face.

5.    Pin-curl hair in the back to achieve added movement.

6.    After hair is dry, brush it out.

7.    Make a ponytail using the full length of hair.

8.    Wrap a sparkly bracelet around the base of the ponytail. (Marion Cotillard’s was a million-dollar emerald and diamond bracelet from Chopard.)

9.    Pin the hairstyle and bracelet together strategically into a messy bun.

10.    Complete the look by lightly misting Moroccanoil® Glimmer Shine Spray or a similar shine spray product for a brilliant finish to endure the evening.

SAG Awards Hairstyle of Diane Kruger – A Romantic Side Chignon…

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