Explore the Delights of Earth-Friendly Beauty Products with Herban Renewal Body Wash

Whether you have time to luxuriate in a relaxing shower or you need to jump in and out in your mad dash for work in the morning, using any one of the aromatic array of body washes created by Herban Renewal is going to give you a skin-softening, fragrant, body-cleaning experience. Aromatherapy in a mini-version of pleasurable delight! Seriously, I am not kidding and truly mean it when I say that this line of body washes offers a silky feel with fresh, clean scents reminiscent of some earthly delight.

I love the zing of each one as the scent of each variety wafts up to my nostrils while I am using it. The silkiness of the body wash is amazingly sleek as it glides along my skin, moisturizing it with its nourishing oils. This fact alone makes this a perfect cleaning product for dry, chafed hands that desperately need a gentle touch. After all, just because the label states “body wash” does not mean that is the only good use of this product. I find that these delightful body washes are also great for washing fine delicates that should never see the inside of a washing machine.

Plus, I get a chance to do something nice for the earth while doing something nice for myself. Each product has been carefully blended using the freshest of fragrant botanicals and herbs, moisturizing oils, and in some cases, natural sea salts. I love that these body washes were all-natural, allowing me to avoid harsh chemicals and dyes.

The flagship line, Herban Renewal, offers four unique body wash varieties: Lavender Aloe, Love Aloe, First Rose Aloe, and Mint Aloe. I couldn’t wait to try them all. These are sold in three sizes (1 oz, 2 oz, and 8 oz) at three affordable prices, all of which are currently $8.00 and under. Since the smallest size is so tiny, you can easily keep one in your purse, briefcase, or desk drawer for those times when a light touch of aromatherapy is all that you need for a special pick me up.

I also sampled the line of body wash intended for the younger crowd, Arcelia. The fragrances are a bit more robust, offering an extra bit of zing. This line is earth-friendly as well and caters to the trends of today. Arcelia offers the following three scents: Calming Cucumber, Mango, and String Bikini. All of these are rather invigorating to the olfactory senses and a bit brighter in presentation than the flagship line. I can definitely see my youngest daughter “borrowing” these when she comes home for spring break next week.

In addition to enjoying the variety of fragrances and the silkiness of the body washes, I also loved the fact that the 8-ounce size came with a pump. This is so much more enjoyable for me to use than the typical body wash bottles sold in the store that I need to pour out. The pump offers a touch of that pampering feel that all women love to enjoy.

A word of caution – if you have severe allergies, make sure that you read the list of ingredients carefully before applying any of these products liberally. I haven’t read anything on this, but I like to remind people with allergies to be careful when using any type of fragrant product.

Products provided free to writer for reviewFor a look at the full line of Herban Renewal products, visit http://www.herbn-renewal.com.

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