Makeup Tips for Mother’s Day

Creating special makeup looks for holidays like Mother’s Day can be a lot of fun. You can try a fresh new look for spring and especially for Mother’s Day by trying soft and pleasant colors during the day and more exciting colors at night. Whether you are the mom of honor or you’re mom’s daughter dressing up to celebrate with her, you can enjoy a number of lovely Mother’s Day makeup tips and tricks.

Daytime Mother’s Day Makeup Tips for Eyes
Dressing up your eyes with makeup is one of the best ways to make a statement. You can go for a subtle look or a bold look depending on the time of day and depending on your mood. For spring and Mother’s Day makeup, consider the following expert cosmetic tips.

“For the eyes I recommend going with mauve colors,” says freelance makeup artist Erica Maniscalco. “Give the eye a nice neutral base to start then you can go two different ways with this look. If it is a day look I would add a medium tone mauve color to the base of the eye. Always go back with your base color and blend both colors together with a blender brush, so the line between the colors is not severe. You can then add a shadow to the bottom eye line as a drop shadow to bring the look together and top it off with mascara – black, brown, or plum mascara.”

Nighttime Mother’s Day Makeup Tips for Eyes
Nighttime makeup looks can be much more daring and dramatic. Consider the following expert tips for makeup looks on Mother’s Day.

“For a night look, start off with the neutral base, then go in with a darker wine color that has a sparkle to it,” suggests Maniscalco. “You can look for colors that have specs of other colors within the shadow. For example, a dark wine shadow that has specs of black in it is nice. Add that shadow in the crease of the eye from the inner to outer corner. Then bring down the shadow to the lash line on the outer corner of the eye only. To tie the look together, go in with that same color and line the lower lash. Always go back in and blend the colors together with a blender brush. To complete the look add true black mascara to give it a more dramatic look.”

Mother’s Day Makeup Tips for Lips
Create the perfect smooch for Mother’s Day by keeping your lips soft and smooth with your favorite lip balm, lip gloss, or ChapStick. Wear your favorite shade of lipstick or lip tint, but be sure it doesn’t compete with your eye makeup. If your eye makeup is bold and daring, go for a more understated look on your lips, and vice versa.

Mother’s Day Makeup Tips for Face
For a fantastic facial, start out your day with an invigorating facial scrub and/or face mask. Renew your skin so it feels fresh and soft. You can use a touch of gold eye shadow beneath your lower lashes to cleverly disguise tired eyes. You can also smooth out your complexion with a nice foundation or powder compact matched to your skin tone. Don’t overdo the makeup on your face – keep things light and airy for spring.

Happy Mother’s Day!

About the Experts:
Erica Maniscalco is a freelance makeup artist based in New York City. For more information, visit

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