Help Your Posture and Reduce Back Pain with Stretchsitting

Today’s corporate culture often involves sitting in cubicles in front of computers and telephones for the majority of the day, if not the entire day. Sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time often leads to slouching down in the desk chair and other poor posture habits.

Did you know you can actually improve the way your back feels on a daily basis simply by maintaining better posture? Try Stretchsitting – a comfortable way to sit that also helps to reverse the damage caused to your back by constantly slouching or hunching over in your chair. Improved posture can lead to reduced back pain, so why not give Stretchsitting a try?

Esther Gokhale is an expert in pain-free living and the author of 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back. She developed Stretchsitting, which she describes as “lengthening the spine against the back of a chair” as a means of immediately decompressing discs in your back and preventing new damage. Gokhale’s technique has shown that over a period of months, individuals practicing Stretchsitting can actually become ¼” to 1” taller over time.

Some of the other benefits of Stretchsitting include improved circulation and better nerve function around the spine.

To practice Stretchsitting for yourself, follow these steps by Esther Gokhale:

1.    Before you begin, attach a cushion to your chair so that it hits you at mid-back, below the shoulder blades. (Esther Gokhale offers a Stretchsit Cushion for sale.)

2.    Scoot your bottom all the way back in the chair.

3.    Lean forward from the hips, and tilt your ribcage forward, like you are doing a mini-crunch.

4.    Hold the armrests or side bars on your chair and, while still tilted forward, press against them to get a gentle stretch in your lower back.

5.    Keeping the stretch, lean back from your hips and stick your mid-back on to the Stretchsit cushion.

6.    Come out of the mini-crunch and relax completely, letting the Stretchsit cushion keep you in mild traction.

7.    Roll each shoulder back and rest your hands close in to your body.

8.    Angle your chin down slightly, letting the back of your neck be long.

–    All steps provided directly from Esther Gokhale.

You can feel healthier over time by practicing Stretchsitting, and you might just grow a tiny bit taller. The health benefits of good posture make Stretchsitting worth a shot. For more information on Stretchsitting and Esther Gokhale, please visit To buy 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back, please find her book at

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