Some Serious Goodies for Bath & Body: Herban Renewal Bath & Body Care Product Review

Bath gift sets by Herban Renewal can be a nice going away to college gift or present for other special occasion.Beautiful, absolutely beautiful; that’s what everyone will think the minute they receive a gift, package, or product from Herban Renewal (at least that’s what we experienced… along with an awful lot of excited squeals).

So what is it that Herban Renewal has to offer? In my opinion, they offer great gift bags, soaps, lotions, stuffed toys, and sea salts the whole family can enjoy.

Herban Renewal is out of Abilene, Texas and was started in 1996. Their initial goal was to create a line of products based on only the very best and natural ingredients they could find (right from the garden). They blended only the freshest, most fragrant herbs and botanicals, added vegetable oils that were known to produce the most healing and moisturizing effects, and added only the purest sea salts to their collections. The results allow you to experience a complete and luxuriously “Herban-istic” moment.

Herban Renewal offers gifts for all kinds of girls, including cute stuffed cats.Herban Renewal offers four very unique lines that present a range of luxurious, earth-friendly, cost-competitive nourishing products that are perfect for adults and kids alike. I especially enjoyed the plush toy / gift bag duos – these things were just too cute, too soft, and impossible to keep your hands off of!

In reviewing these products I realized just how fun and exciting these gifts can be to receive. My kids went ballistic on me and literally tore me to shreds. They enjoyed everything so much that, at one point, my youngest even got a little emotional. When asked why, all she could say was, “they’re all so beautiful mommy – I can’t help it; thank you!” I melted as she reached over and gave me the most heartfelt hug known only to moms.

The package we received for review included products from the following lines:
•    Livi.Lu.Lu – Skin nourishing products for adolescent “tween” girls, including lotions, body washes, and lip balms (which smelt and felt so yummy!).
•   Plush cats make great gifts for girls. Twinkle Toes – An ALL-natural, ALL-pink, ALL-glittery powder to sprinkle in ballet slippers, dance bags, and all over your body (Talc-free). The scent is an amazing “pirouette peppermint.”
•    Shoo! Monster (the cutest little anti-boogeyman dust). If your kids are afraid of monsters lurking in their closets and under their beds, give them this 100% all natural dust to sprinkle in their most feared places… no more boogeyman!

This package we received was filled to the brim with all things “girly-girl.” From Shoo! Monster dust to Twinkle Toes pirouette peppermint powder; from lotions and body washes to lip balms and gift bags; my girls couldn’t have been happier. They especially loved the beautiful, soft plush cats; they were so, so soft and cuddly. They were all shimmer and shine; they were impeccable with their beautiful soft fur and shiny wings. It’s been the only thing they’ve slept with since. I think they’ve even snuck them to school a time or two (but I’ll let them continue to think they got away with that one). Okay…shall we move on?

Herban Renewal offers gifts for all kinds of girls, including cute stuffed cats.

Products provided free to writer for reviewThe smells from the Livi.Lu.Lu collection were…

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