Comfort and Dryness in Talc-free Style – Herban Renewal and Arcelia Body Dusts

Try Herban Renewal and Arcelia Body Dusts for a comfortable and talc-free experience.Today, we know that talcum powder might soothe even the most delicate of skin, but it isn’t the safest for us to use. That is one of the reasons that the folks at Herban Renewal have created their own line of wonderful body dusts. Each one of their body dusts are safely made with earth-friendly products including vegetable powder, tricalium phosphate, and water-based colors or fragrance oils.

Talcum powder has been used for decades to absorb moisture from lots of delicate places including babies’ bottoms, mothers’ bosoms, tender feet, and more. Talc is composed of tiny particles of silicates along with other finely-ground minerals. Today, these are considered carcinogens that are suspected of causing lung tumors if inhaled. Therefore, it is best for you to avoid using talcum powder for your little ones as well as for yourself.

Try these pretty body dusts by Herban Renewal! Great for gifts for little girls.If you are new to the delights of body powders or dust as Herban Renewal likes to refer to it, you should definitely indulge in a bit of white-powdery bliss. First of all, body dust isn’t just for the body. Herban Renewal suggests that you dust your bed all over with their body dust for a bit of pampering bliss. Sounds like a nice romantic idea, doesn’t it?

Herban Renewal offers two lines of body dust. The first is their flagship line that happens to be called Herban Renewal. The second line is Arcelia, the line targeted for younger women or those women with younger preferences.

The Herban Renewal line features the delicate scents of First Rose, Garden Mint, Dream Dust Lavender, and Love Dust. Each one is just as appealing as the other. I loved them all, but then again, I have a fondness for body dust. I love to treat my feet to a delicate dusting each morning before stepping into my shoes for the day. The powder keeps my feet (and shoes) sweet smelling and dry throughout the day. I also like to dust myself all over with lightly-scented powder.

Try these non-talc body dusts by Herban Renewal.Herban Renewal’s body dusts are available in two sizes: a 1-oz. salt shaker and a 4-oz. crystal shaker. The smaller size currently sells for only $2.00 while the larger size has a price tag of $14.00.

Arcelia body dust is sold in the bolder scents of Mango, String Bikini, and Calming Cucumber varieties so that you can shake it up a bit and put a little zest into your life. Arcelia body dust is also sold in attractive glass containers. However, these dusts are available in three different sizes: a 1-oz. petite shaker, a 4-oz. glass shaker, and a 16-oz. glass refill container. Prices, respectively, are $2.00, $10.00, and $12.00.

The containers are reusable and it is rather cool that the company is using shakers. Personally, I like using them better than the body puffs since it creates a bit less mess in my boudoir. Products provided free to writer for reviewTry them for yourself ( and indulge in a bit of body dust for pure pampering pleasure. I received one of each scent in a variety of sizes so that I could review them for Life, Love, Beauty. I do like them and I believe they are worth their price tags.

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