Tips on Writing an Easter Message or Sending an Easter Wish to Loved Ones

It may not always be possible to see all of your loved ones on a particular holiday, so sending special Easter messages, letters, or greeting cards this time of year can really make a nice impact if your presence isn’t a possibility. Share your Easter sentiments with your loved ones through Easter messages, greeting cards, comments, text messages, or even just a simple phone call.

Easter may not be as popular a holiday as Christmas and Thanksgiving, but the idea of sending Easter messages or wishes can be perfect to show your family, friends, and loved ones how much you care. Consider these tips on writing an Easter message or sending an Easter wish to loved ones to help you collect your thoughts.

Spending Easter Apart from a Significant Other – Share an Easter Wish
Many times before you’re married, holidays get spent with immediate family and maybe extended relatives. If you won’t be seeing your boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancé for the Easter holiday, consider sending a special Easter greeting card complete with its own handwritten Easter wish. You can share an Easter wish with your significant other to express how you feel and how much you look forward to getting together next.

Another option for an Easter message for your significant other would be to pen a poem or a song for your sweetheart. You can share handwritten verse or lyrics expressing your love and tying in elements of nature from the freshly sprung spring season.

Spending Easter Apart from Grandparents – Send Easter Greetings
More than likely, your grandparents will truly appreciate an Easter greeting card with sentiments you personally inscribe. You can personalize your Easter greetings for your grandparents by including a letter with some details on the recent happenings in your life, or you can include recent photographs of yourself and your family.

If your grandparents are the gambling type or even if they enjoy a little game of chance, consider including a few scratch-off lottery tickets in their Easter greetings. Remember to hand-write a special note to your grandmom and grandpop to let them know how much you care, that you miss them, and you can’t wait to spend time together soon. You can even deliver your special messages on the phone. Even if you will be spending the Easter holiday together with your grandparents, a handwritten Easter card can still go a long way to show you much you love them.

Spending Easter Apart from Parents or Siblings – Send Easter messages or letters
Perhaps this is the year you spend Easter with your in-laws. If you won’t be able to see your parents, siblings, or immediate family for Easter, consider sending an email or a text message to each family member. You could also stick a handwritten or typed letter in the mail. You should probably call your parents on the phone, but you can also send a greeting card or a letter to share your feelings at Easter.

You might also consider sending flowers to your mom with a special Easter message. You can base your Easter communications on how your family normally interacts. If you can’t spend this Easter with your family, try to make arrangements in the future to spend Easter together if you like. You can also plan an alternative get-together in the near future.

Easter Comments to Consider
Consider these key themes and ideas as you prepare your Easter comments:

Romantic Easter Comments
–    Beautiful spring flowers and nature remind me of our love.
–    Our love blossoms and grows like a new bud in spring.

Easter Comments for Family
–    Thinking of you and wishing we could be celebrating the holiday together. Happy Easter!
–    Despite the distance between us, you’re here in our hearts this Easter.
–    Wishing we could be together for Easter, but sending our love just the same!

Easter Comments for Friends
–    Wishing you and your family a lovely spring and a Happy Easter!
–    Thinking of you at this special time and wishing you a wonderful Easter holiday.
–    Happy Easter!

Remember to share your special Easter messages and an Easter wish with all those who are near and dear to you. Whether by phone, text message, email, letter, greeting card, or other form of communication, your special Easter messages will show your loved ones that you care and that they’re on your mind. Happy Easter!

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