What to Wear for Easter with Family, In-Laws, or a Significant Other

When it comes to choosing an outfit for Easter, you can go from super casual to elegant or anywhere in between. Depending on how you’ll spend the day, you may wear anything from jeans and a nice blouse to a pretty spring dress with a shawl or cardigan. Consider your holiday plans to help you choose an outfit for Easter.

If you are going to a restaurant for Easter, you may want to consider an outfit that is a little dressier than if you are just eating Easter dinner at home with immediate family. Consider these Easter wardrobe suggestions to help you decide what to wear based on what you are doing for the day and with whom you’re spending the holiday.

What to Wear for Easter with a Significant Other
If you are spending Easter with your sweetheart, you are in for a treat. Spending the holidays with your significant other, whether boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, husband, or wife, can be so rewarding. Choose an Easter outfit that is appropriate and attractive. You might start thinking a week or two in advance about what to wear for Easter to ensure you find the perfect ensemble.

A few examples of sexy, attractive outfits to wear for Easter with your significant other include:
–    Tea length or cocktail length spring dress with a relatively open back or a somewhat low-cut bodice
–    Flowy skirt with a cute short-sleeve top (think the Seven Years Skirt by Effie’s Heart)
–    Jeans and a nice blouse if the two of you are taking a more casual approach to the holiday

What to Wear for Easter with Immediate Family or In-Laws
Spending Easter with immediate family and/or in-laws may present a casual holiday outing or a more formal holiday meal. If you are planning Easter with family or in-laws, first find out what the day’s activities will include. Will you be enjoying a meal at someone’s home or at a fancy restaurant? Determine what to wear for Easter based on what you’ll be doing.

Some outfits to consider as what to wear for Easter with family or in-laws include:
–    Dress pants and a nice blouse
–    Khaki pants and a nice top
–    A long skirt with a tank top and cardigan or a top with short sleeves or three-quarter length sleeves
–    A nice spring dress with a buttoned sweater, shawl, or other cover-up

“Adding a bold accessory to an otherwise conservative outfit can make it trendier and more polished-looking,” says Desiree Parth, designer and on-air personality for Global Glamour. “Spring trends are showing champagne pinks, purples, yellows, and shades of turquoise, so incorporating one of these as a pop of color or shine to an outfit can appear more festive, especially if spending the Easter holiday attending church or with family in a more formal setting.”

She also suggests “starting with a basic dress, monotone pant suit, or dark colored tailored jean and simple top and adding an oversized hat for a look that’s sophisticated yet fashion-forward and flirty.”

Accessories to Consider for Easter
As you plan your outfit for Easter, don’t forget to select some nice accessories to go with your outfit. From jewelry to hair accessories, hats, belts, and other fun spring accessories, your outfit may be able to benefit from a creative accessory for Easter.

Consider these suggestions for accessories to wear with your Easter outfit:
–    Cross necklaces or pendants, such as the Michael Golan Floral Cross ($89) or Pewter Dogwood Cross Pendant ($24).
–    Colorful silk scarves
–    Fashion-forward belts
–    Sunglasses

No matter what you decide to wear for Easter, don’t forget to consider doing your own Easter manicures and nail designs. You can also come up with a pretty Easter hairstyle to complete your outfit. Enjoy your holiday!

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