The World of Bar Soaps: Organic, Aromatic, Cleansing, and Moisturizing – Tisserand, sukibody, and Herban Renewal

Consider these top bar soaps for your bathing needs.Bar soaps have come a long way over the years. Today, we have soaps crafted from all types of ingredients, an entire bevy of fragrances, a myriad collection of shapes and sizes, and variations of every color of the rainbow. Deciding which bar of soap you are going to purchase for your personal use usually has its roots in your childhood. Which bar of soap did your mother or grandmother purchase for her family? Have you ever purchased the same one or are you perhaps still purchasing it?

While soap is used primarily to cleanse, it is often used for other reasons as well. Some of us also like to indulge in a bit of inexpensive aromatherapy with the soaps that we use and why not? Today’s soap comes in so many interesting and delightful varieties and fragrances that it would be a shame to enjoy these soaps simply for their cleansing purposes.

Try Tisserand Aromatherapy's bar soap for a refreshing experience.Organic soaps offer the best opportunity since you can indulge in a bit of all-natural aromatherapy and cleansing without the need to expose your skin to synthetic colors or synthetic fragrances. If you haven’t tried organic bar soaps yet, you should since the fragrances are uplifting rather than overpowering. The lack of synthetic ingredients also means that organic bar soaps offer the perfect cleansing experience for delicate skin or for women who are interested in using products obtained from sustainable sources.

Tisserand offers a refreshing pure vegetable soap with a sweet orange, jasmine, and macadamia scent. The fragrance is just as delicate as the soap. It lathers nicely and quickly providing a whiff of its scent as it does so. The scent lingers on the skin afterward, so you smell good all day long.

Its attractive oval shape and color make it perfect for use at the basin, shower, or bath. Never having been tested on animals, Tisserand’s refreshing pure vegetable soap is made from ethically harvested plant extracts and essential oils including orange leaf oil, jasmine oil, macadamia oil, and orange oil. Since it contains cocoa butter, it also moisturizes the skin, something that is noticed each time it is used. You can get your own at

Try the Sukibody sensitive cleansing bar for an organic bathing experience.Sukibody sensitive cleansing bar is another of the organic offerings that the world of body soap has to offer. In fact, it is a vegan bar that is designed to hydrate the skin while clearing up clogged pores. Sukibody sensitive cleansing bar features an invigorating lemongrass scent (a bit stronger than Tisserand’s orange scent) that awakens the olfactory senses to a heightened awareness. It is composed of solely 100% organic ingredients- shea butter and lemongrass extract and designed to exfoliate without the exfoliators while effectively cleansing the skin, awakening the senses, and invigorating your skin to a new-found vivacity.

The Sukibody sensitive cleansing bar lathers nicely and feels silky-smooth on the skin so it is perfect as a facial soap as well as a body soap. Its chunky, rectangular shape with rounded edges is eye-appealing, so you can use it at basin, bath, or shower. I found it to be perfect as a go-along for an overnight bag since it is relatively small in size. Visit and get one of these fantastic organic bars of soap for yourself.

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