Easter Hairstyles for All Ages

Try these Easter hairstyles. (Photo courtesy of morgueFile.com)Once you’ve decided what to wear, be sure to complete your look with a fantastic Easter hairstyle. You can go casual or elegant, simple or quite complex, but the important thing is that you put some thought into how your hair looks on this lovely spring holiday. Easter hairstyles can be similar or very different across age groups, so consider these tips to help you choose an Easter ‘do that works for you.

When considering various Easter hairstyles, also keep in mind what you’ll be doing for the day. Reservations at a fancy, upscale restaurant for Easter dinner may require quite a different hairstyle than an Easter picnic lunch outside in the sunshine. If you are celebrating Easter at home, your hairdo can probably be on the casual end of things while Easter dinner out of the house may be a nice excuse for a special holiday hairdo.

Adorable Easter Hairstyles for Little Girls
Little girls look adorable in most hairdos, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with a great look for your daughter on Easter. For this festive spring holiday, consider styling your little girl’s locks in a set of bouncing ringlets or adorable pigtails. You might also try a braided hairstyle with either a single braid or double braids. For more mature little girls, consider dressing up their hair in a bun with a pretty barrette or some flowers (real or fake) in her hair.

Another option is the simple Easter hairstyle for little girls. If styling your daughter’s hair is not your forte, consider simply brushing her hair straight and then giving her a cute look with a fashionable headband. This hair accessory usually works well with various lengths of hair, so if your little one’s hair isn’t long enough for a bun or braid, you still should be able to achieve a really cute look with a headband.

Sweet Easter Hairstyles for Teens and Tweens
Teens and tweens should strive for a fresh and fun hairstyle for Easter. You can wear your hair straight and simple if you don’t want to go to too much trouble, or try a few loose curls for a romantic Easter look. If you want something more involved, you can try your hand at a creative twisty up-do that looks great morning, noon, or night.

To create the twisty up-do, you’ll need bobby pins or little claw clips, an elastic ponytail, and a bit of styling product to smooth your hair back. First, pull your hair back into a high ponytail and secure it, using gel or styling product to smooth down your hair. Then, take a small section of hair and twist it into a coil. Once twisted, continue to twist so that the hair curls up into a twisty bunch. Pin it down to your head with bobby pins or a claw clip. Repeat these steps until all of your hair is twisted and pinned down. It’s a great look for spring and summer!

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