Neutrogena Rainbath Gel – Moisture Rich Citrus Marine Body Wash Product Review

Neutrogena Rainbath has been a favorite product of mine for quite some time. I’ve used it since high school, through college, and even beyond. The product always delivers, so to me, Rainbath is a keeper. From rich, foamy lather to a subtle yet delightfully clean fragrance, I couldn’t be happier with the results.

The pretty blue color of translucent turquoise in my bottle of Neutrogena Rainbath Gel (Moisture Rich) Citrus Marine body wash was a lovely sight during shower time each day. The pump bottle made it easy to dispense as much or as little body wash as I wanted, and it was quick and easy to get more if I found I did not dispense enough the first time, as opposed to opening a lid or cap.

The Citrus Marine fragrance is truly delightful. It is light and fresh, subtle and pleasant. While not truly the same, it reminds me of the clean linen scent and the fresh rain fragrances offered by many candle and home fragrance companies. The scent is still noticeable a little while after your shower, but light enough that you can still wear your favorite perfume while the light hints of Rainbath may still linger just a bit.

Neutrogena Rainbath produces huge amounts of lather and suds to cleanse every inch of your body. The product is gentle and soothing, cleansing away any impurities and leaving your skin feeling super clean and soft without any residue. I don’t know why it seems this way to me, but I really feel there is a different level of clean achieved with this Rainbath body wash product.

Neutrogena Rainbath Gel – Moisture Rich Citrus Marine Body Wash retails for about $8 – $10 for an 8.5-ounce bottle. You can find it at most mass market retailers, drugstores, and online at

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