Celebrate Earth Day with Fun Activities and Crafts

AsterNovi-belgii-flower-1mbDepending on the ages of your children, you can find a number of really cool and fun Earth Day ideas to do with your kids. From preschool Earth Day crafts for your youngest child to more sophisticated Earth Day crafts and activities, you can find a wealth of fun and interesting things to do with your family for Earth Day. Whether you have a teenager or a preschooler or another age group entirely, put your creativity to work and enjoy interesting Earth Day ideas with your loved ones.

A few favorite Earth Day ideas for children and parents include planting a tree, planting and learning about seeds, learning about composing, and creating birdfeeders for use around your own home. To help teach your kiddos about Earth Day, consider these Earth Day ideas and activities.

Earth Day Crafts for Preschool Kids through Teens
Earth Day activities for kids can range from Earth-friendly crafts to singing songs, to cleaning up the neighborhood, to planting a tree, making a birdfeeder, or any other number of Earth Day ideas. Depending on the age of your kids, you can surely find something fun and exciting to do for Earth Day.

A few preschool Earth Day crafts may include coloring pictures of trees and nature, exploring the great outdoors, and learning about different kinds of trees, flowers, plants, and leaves. You can encourage your preschool aged child to recycle and to make less trash, but it may be more effective to focus on the fun aspects of Earth Day.

Making a bird feeder with pine cones, peanut butter or suet, and birdseed can be a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy, and the birds will love it! You can also encourage your kids to make trash sculptures out of things you would otherwise recycle or throw away. In addition to bird feeders, it can be fun to plant seeds for a little garden or to learn about composing, rain barrels, and other eco-friendly gardening activities.

If Earth Day falls on a weekend or at a time when you can spend the entire day with your family or at least your kids, try to find an Earth Day festival in your local area or at least within driving distance. An Earth Day festival can be fun for your little ones as well as your teenagers, so try to visit an Earth Day festival at least once for your family’s enjoyment. Earth Day festivals usually have countless activities and learning stations that are great for kids (and adults!) of any age.

Earth Day Songs and Music
A great way to educate your kids about Earth Day and how to save the planet is to introduce your children to themed songs and music selections. Even popular musicians like Jack Johnson get into the groove with saving the Earth – “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is a popular, catchy, and memorable tune to play around Earth Day.

You can search for popular Earth Day songs and music on YouTube.com. You’ll be sure to find everything from rock stars doing their part to save the environment to educational ditties that are perfect for your school-aged children or even Earth Day lesson plans. If you are feeling especially ambitious, consider making your kids an Earth Day themed CD or iTunes playlist.

Earth Day Party Ideas
If one of your family members has a birthday falling on or around Earth Day, you can have a lot of fun preparing and planning with an eco-friendly perspective. You can have a garden party theme featuring birdhouses and watering cans for centerpieces or a simple outdoor party with natural décor of your own landscape.

To keep your Earth Day party green, turn to earth-friendly paper plates, bowls, and other party goods, like CVS Pharmacy’s Earth Essentials Biodegradable Sugar Cane Bowls and Plates. These items are of top quality and they are quite lovely for paper plates and bowls. Can you believe they biodegrade in only one to three months’ time? I had the pleasure of testing these out with messy chocolate cake and ice cream – not one drop leaked through the plates or bowls. I highly recommend these eco-friendly party goods to keep your celebration as green as can be.

In addition to birthday parties, you can also plan your own Earth Day party to celebrate the environment and the Earth itself. Ask each of your guests to share a favorite tip to help save the environment. When it’s time to go, present each guest of your Earth Day party with a party bag that includes a packet or two of seeds and even a baby tree if you like.

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