How to Get Sexy, Smoky Eyes

Too Faced GalaxyGlam eye shadow in Deep Space

Seductive, smoky eyes deliver a hot look that sends sexy signals day or night. Applying smoky hues to your eyes gives a dramatic effect that brings you a more daring and mysterious appearance. Stars like Avril Lavigne, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, and Keira Knightley sport the smoky eyes like the pros they are – and you can too. Just follow these simple tips!

For a glamorous, just-stepped-on-the-runway look, get together your favorite dark eyeliner, complementing mascara, and deep, smoky color of eye shadow. Don’t forget to select an eye shadow base to give yourself a nice foundation so your eye shadow stays put.


– One or two shades of eye shadow
– Eyeliner
– Mascara
– Makeup brush
– Q-tips
– Eye shadow base / primer (You can also apply your foundation right to your eyelid and around your eye if you don’t have a base.)

Steps: How to Get Smoky Eyes

The hottest colors for smoky eyes seem to be blacks, browns, grays, golds and earth tones, and greens. For a sultry and seductive look that can’t be beat, practice the following steps to perfect your technique.

Jerrod Blandino, the co-founder of Too Faced, suggests the following steps to get a sexy, smoldering look for your own smoky eyes:

Too Faced Galactic Glam eye shadows (Courtesy of Eyes – Galactic Glam

1. Apply Shadow Insurance all over eye lids as your base to lock down shadow.

  • TIP: You can also apply your standard eye shadow base or primer, or whatever foundation or cream concealer you like to use. This keeps the shadow from smudging and shifting unintentionally.

2. Apply your favorite Galaxy Glam eye shadow shade close to the lash line and blend gently up towards the crease.

  • FYI: Galaxy Glam eye shadows come in four colors at present: Super Nova (black with peach and pink), Deep Space (black with cobalt blue), Moon Beam (black with laser light green), and Shooting Star (black with galactic gold).
  • TIP: For a soft, smoky look, apply a lighter shade such as silver, shimmery pearl, or ivory to the area right beneath your brow line.

3. Use Liquif-eye Liquid Liner to apply Galaxy Glam shadow as a deep intense liner that won’t smudge.

  • TIP: Use a thin eyeliner brush to substitute eye shadow as eyeliner. Simply wet the brush and pick up some of your favorite eye shadow, and then use the brush to draw a straight line at your lash line.

4. Finish your smoky eye with tons of Lash Injection Mascara for a dramatic, out-of-this-world lash look!

Smoky eyes can have a jeweled-tone, too. (Photo courtesy of David Kitchenham, morgueFile.)Feel free to experiment with different looks. To get a jewel-tone style of smoky eyes, opt for more color and sometimes a combination of blues and greens or purples and greens, or shades of topaz. For blending purposes, use a Q-tip to gently sweep the colors into one another.


1. If you’re giving your eyes the sexy, smoky treatment, go easy on your lips so the two don’t compete. You don’t want your lips to overpower your new smoky eye look. Choose a nude or very subtle lipstick or gloss. You might also enjoy a simple, sparkly or shimmery lip balm.

2. Apply the smoky colors most intensely by the lash line and gradually thin it out. This achieves a graduated smoky look rather than an all-over dark appearance.

3. Play with color. Don’t feel confined by the blacks and browns that are oh-so-customary. Test the waters with pretty purples or sparkling greens, as well as smoldering grays. Color coordinate your eyeliner and mascara, too, if you wish.

4. For a more intense smoky eye look, apply a light-colored eyeliner to the lower part of your eye. Next, smudge the liner so that it looks more dramatic. This tip looks especially great when you use complementing colors throughout.

About the expert:
Jerrod Blandino is co-founder of Too Faced® brand cosmetics. He started out as a sitcom actor and sales consultant for Estee Lauder and worked his way up to crafting his own creative, colorful and high quality cosmetic products for celebrities and others.

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