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What to Wear for Earth Day, Yoga, or Working Out – ChewyLou T-Shirts

The yoga craze seems to have moved well past fad into lifestyle. ChewyLou wants to clothe that lifestyle.

ChewyLou, named for the founder’s two Labradors, offers yoga wear for women, men, kids, and even dogs.

Founder Alyssa Dinowitz is dedicated to giving outer expression to inner qualities. To support this mission, Dinowitz, a yoga instructor herself, is committed to supporting several nonprofits. In particular, all ChewyLou shirts are screenprinted at Michael’s Garden, which employs adults with special needs. They also donate a portion of profits to many other charities.

The shirts offer a variety of messages to inspire positive values such as love, humility, appreciation for life, and doing good. The shirts are based on the acrostic style of poetry (a fancy name for poems you probably wrote in elementary school). For example, the shirt ChewyLou sent me is green-themed—just in time for Earth Day! “Green” is printed in script across the chest. On the back, it reads:






ChewyLou offers shirt themes ranging from Karma to Live (in honor of her mother’s struggle with breast cancer), Breathe, and Truth. Although the shirt inspirations began rooted in yogic principles, they have expanded to include more whimsical themes such as Cowgirl and Angel as well as empowerment shirts such as Heart and Give.

These shirts are soooo soft. I wish all my clothes could feel as good on my skin. True to their yogic roots, they breathe well and are perfect for exercising. With the weather just returning to spring, what a great time to show off your exercise wear on a jog.

The layered shirt is cute, although I don’t love the green/yellow combination of the green shirt. Others on the Web site seem a little more harmonious including the Truth shirt and the Breathe shirt.

The design is cute, although the script of the “Green” shirt is hard to read. Other shirts have different, clearer fonts. I love the flower logo on the sleeve.

My biggest issue with the shirts, however, probably extends to all of them. After one run through the washer/dryer, the delicate t-shirt material started to fray at the hem. This makes me worry about the lasting power of the shirts.

So, the bottom line is that I love the mission, like the shirts, but was disappointed in their quality. But, if you are looking for inspirational yoga-wear, ChewyLou is definitely worth checking out. A long-sleeved shirt is $36 plus shipping and handling. ChewLou has store locations in Arizona, LA, New York, and Seattle, but you can also visit their Web site at www.chewylou.com if you live somewhere else. Shirts tend to run narrow but long. Sizes range from S-XXL.

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