Indulge Your Inner Woman with a Touch of the Natori Fragrance Collection

Natori Women's Fragrance Product ReviewHeld in deep plum-colored flacons, glass containers, and attractive plum and black bottles, Natori’s fragrance collection offers a tantalizing reason to indulge your inner woman with a touch of fragrant extravagance. The pleasure is undeniable. The appealing attractiveness of the collection is irrefutable. The price is extravagant. Nonetheless, I am so glad that I took the opportunity to indulge in a pleasurable experience such as this. Natori offers a fine collection of excellent products designed to tempt, tantalize, and perform. They are, in my opinion, worthy of being considered the cream of the crop when it comes to fragrant beauty products.

Natori’s Silk Body Crème
Sold in a generous 5 oz container, Natori’s Silk Body Crème is luxurious not only in the way that it feels, but in its floral-scented muskiness (notes of Natori’s Eau de Parfum) as well as its attractive deep-plum colored glass container. The crème is thick and creamy offering the touch of luxury with skin-softening excellence. If I can have one indulgence in these trying times, this truly might be the one. It currently sells for $75. I fell in love with Natori’s Silk Body Crème the first moment that I allowed it to glide onto my skin. It provides a silky feel as it glides over the skin without any of the greasiness that lesser brands are so prone to give. You can use it for your entire body, making it a perfect luxury crème for your boudoir.

Natori’s Perfumed Candle
Natori’s perfumed candle, a sheer luxury by any standard, sells for $75.00 and is worth every single penny. Offering an elegant, sophisticated look that resonates extravagance with each and every glance at the candle and whiff of the rich, deep scent it exudes, this perfumed candle is a must have item for any woman. The bone-colored wax has been poured into a 6.35-oz. container crafted in black glass and decorated with a river stone atop the lid. For those of you who are new to the pleasures of candle burning, the packaging provides easy directions for burning. Light one up for your shower, a romantic encounter, or some quiet time on your own.

Natori Women's Fragrance Product ReviewNatori’s Silk Shower Crème
Natori’s Silk Shower Crème is sold in a generous 8-fl. oz. plastic bottle, which is perfect since containers tend to get a bit slippery in the shower. Offering a touch of the Natori fragrance, this silky gel smells so good that I kept holding my hands up for a closer whiff. Something about it just made me feel alive and energized. Add to that the fact that this shower crème is so silky that I can’t seem to get enough of it and Natori’s Silk Shower Crème becomes one of those products that is going to show up on this year’s Christmas list. It lathers up really well and feels silky the entire time. It’s a luxuriating experience, so if you are into a bit of self-indulgence, it is definitely worth taking a chance to try it out.

Natori’s Eau de Parfum Spray
The Eau de Parfum Spray by Natori is delightfully oriental with a floral scent deeply immersed in an opening bouquet of rose petals and enhanced by deep notes of plum. The heart notes feature an alluring blend of purple peony, ylang ylang, and jasmine. Together, these floral notes provide a tantalizing aromatic experience that touches the inner being through its effervescent fragrance.

For the best results, use your pulse points (inner elbow, wrist, ankles, base of the throat, and behind the ears) to enhance the fragrant scent which also has a fine touch of amber, black patchouli, and musk. It is sold in a convenient 1.7-fl. oz. size for $80 as well as a larger, 3.4-fl. oz. size for $110. If you want to feel truly decadent, purchase the Eau de Parfum in the adorable .25 fl. oz. flacon. It is petite in size and adorably appealing!

I received the generous gift of these items for the purposes of reviewing them for Life Love Beauty. I am so glad that I did! If luxurious products are your thing, you should try these because they certainly fulfilled my expectations. Of course, since we are all different, there is always the possibility that you might not like them, but I doubt it. They are wonderful!

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