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Diva6 ShaveMate Razor with built-in shaving cream - product reviewI think we all can agree when I say that there are a few items on a woman’s list that must be bought, at minimum, a couple times a month. That’s because we need them to feel better about ourselves. It’s called maintaining our femininity. We use these products religiously (whether we’d like to or not), so why settle for what’s offered on the shelves at the store, unless of course they offer it at your local supermarket. Otherwise, it’s nice to splurge a little on “the good stuff” if it’ll make you feel better.

I may have confused some of you with where I’m headed with this post. Don’t worry, I’m getting there.
Some of the necessities I am referring to are: panty liners (gotta have those), razors (some of us need to shave way too often) and workout clothing (and I’m talking comfortable attire so we feel better while we’re sweating our behinds off).

Did I get your attention? Great, because some of the products I’ll be talking to you about may come as a surprise. Maybe you wouldn’t think that shopping for these things could come from any place other than at your local grocery store. They do (or at least two out of the three products do) and I’m pretty sure you’re going to like what you see. I did. From the moment I received the products in the mail I have been thinking of ways to share the products with others (by ways of gift ideas, etc.).

Titan6 men's razor with built-in shaving cream - product reviewThe first product I’m going to share with you is available anywhere hygiene products are found.  I’m talking about razors, but not just any razor. I’m talking about the new Shave Mate razors. They are amazing (by all accounts – mine of course) and I don’t think I could ever try another. I’ll tell you why.

Diva6 ShaveMate Razor with built-in shaving cream - product reviewShaveMate came out with a new razor (Diva6 for women and Titan6 for men) that has the shaving cream dispenser in the razor’s end. This is a complete, all-in-one combo razor worth getting excited about. It comes with six flexible blades for an extremely close shave. Now, normally I don’t make such a big stink about shaving. Usually, I don’t tell anyone when I shave unless I’m in a conversation with friends about the product they use, but that’s normally followed by: I have to shave everyday because my razor doesn’t perform the way it should. If this sounds like you, consider looking into the purchase of a three-pack of Diva6 shavers for yourself (and the Titan6 for the husband, boyfriend, or other).  It’s definitely the closest shave I’ve ever had, and I’ve been shaving for 20 years or so.

Available at: Walgreens, Meijer, Food City, and online at,, or


Pantzies fashionable panty liners product reviewNext we have Pantzies… sound interesting? They are. I’m going to go as far as saying this product can fit in as a perfect “novelty” type, yet very practical, item. It makes a particular product that normally has a stigma for being serious… kind of fun to share and talk about. Yes, I am talking about panty liners, but the cutest ones I’ve ever seen.

I have to say, when I first received product samples for review, I was thrilled (in a personal sort of way). I just thought they were the cutest and wanted to wear them, just because I could. Surprisingly, they are both cute and very comfortable, and I say this with the utmost confidence. I mean, trust me because it’s not every day that I freely talk about something as personal as panty liners. Just saying the word makes me feel like I’m talking about something I shouldn’t…

Please consider looking at this product in a bit more detail; I think you’ll agree that Pantzies would be a great novelty item for a friend or daughter (expecting mom, a young girl learning about panty liners, a bachelorette, etc.). Also, on a personal level, these are really great items to have in your purse just in case you need them at a moment’s notice. I do recommend them.

Available by visiting:

ARP: Prices vary depending on amount purchased, but start at $7.95

And last, but definitely not least, we have Lolly 38. Talk about outrageously comfortable attire for curvy women.  The fabrics are simply beautiful and wearable – almost too perfect.

I think my husband has had to request that I wear something different. Not because he didn’t like what I was wearing, but because I simply could not get myself to do it otherwise. I felt so comfortable. So pretty and I just didn’t want that feeling to end. I really just didn’t want to change. At this point I wish I had an entire closet full of Lolly 38; that way, I could change, but I’d feel that same comfort no matter what.

Lolly38 yoga wear product review

It truly is a different feeling compared to what I’m used to.

You’re going to enjoy this part of my review. The clothing at Lolly 38’s Taffy wear; the yoga and active wear I was provided (didn’t cost any more than other good quality garments you’d buy at the mall). The quality of Lolly 38, to me, exceeds all the other brands I’ve ever worn before. I can’t even describe the difference… except. Okay, you know the bed sheets that you can’t get yourself to get out of. The softest (not silk), most stretchy (yet strong) fibered sheets that are a tie between cotton and spandex… yeah, that material. Well, it may not be that exactly, but you get what I mean right? It’s practically candy for your body. Definitely a must have in anyone’s active wear collection. But before you go drooling at Taffy, make sure you look at the underwear, sweats, and T-shirt sections. I know that my next purchase will be undies; if they feel anything like the Taffy line, I’ll be in heaven for life.

Available at:

ARP: all items vary; please visit Lolly 38’s site for more detail

I hope that you will consider visiting any of the sites listed above. Each and every one of the products made my life easier. From feeling so clean and soft to feeling positively comfortable in what I’m wearing; you will definitely find that these products are worth the rave. I am pretty convinced that once you try any one of the above products, you’ll be hooked. Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope that you can find use in one, or all, of the products listed above.

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: The products shared in this review were sent to me in order to give you straight forward and honest opinions. The opinions written in this post are of my own and therefore, I claim no responsibility for those who feel differently. Thank you.

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