How to Choose or Create a Signature Drink or Wedding Cocktail for Your Special Event

Consider a colorful wedding cocktail or destination wedding drink as a memorable treat for your guests.Signature cocktails and themed alcoholic beverages are becoming a common fixture at many special events these days, especially weddings. From the cleverly named bride and groom signature drink to the fancy and tropical signature cocktail or margarita at the destination wedding, you really can match your event’s bar offerings to your own and your guests’ tastes.

Choosing a wedding drink or special cocktail for your event can be easy if you follow a few tips from cocktail expert H Joseph Ehrmann, owner of Elixir in San Francisco. If you would like to leave your own special mark on your wedding or other special event, consider these suggestions to help you create your own signature drink or cocktail.

Wedding Drinks to Please Your Guests
Remember as you plan to create your signature drinks or wedding cocktails that you should try to appeal to the tastes of as many guests as possible. If you want your signature wedding cocktails to be a big hit and a memorable part of your special day, consider these tips from H Joseph Ehrmann.

IF your goal is to make a drink a lot of people will enjoy, don’t stray too far from basic formulas,” says Ehrmann of the perfect wedding cocktail. “To Come up with a special signature drink for your wedding or special event!serve something unique but widely enjoyed, take a classic formula and add a flavor modifier to make it a bit different. For example, take a sour and make it a fruited or floral sour by adding a fruity or floral liqueur. I did one for a friend’s wedding where I just added St. Germain to a Bourbon sour and the staff could not keep up with them. Or a Collins with Bols Genever as the base modified by a touch of Royal Combier. Or a Vodka Martini using Square One Cucumber, Bianco vermouth (not just dry), and a dash of celery bitters.”

“Use a spirit that everyone knows and is familiar with, like vodka or bourbon,” he adds. “Gin and tequila tend to scare the more ignorant spirit/cocktail drinkers and divide people due to their unique flavor profiles.”

Making the Signature Wedding Cocktail or Drink Your Own
Once you have an idea of the flavors for your signature drink, think about creative ways to make this cocktail a special part of your wedding day or other special event. From garnishes to the name of the drink, you can really customize your signature wedding cocktail or other signature drink to represent you.

“Name the drink in a way that will either honor the couple or make people laugh,” instructs Ehrmann. “Maybe tie it to an Alma mater or an event or place from the couple’s past. A funny story about one or both of them may reveal a key word or a date that means something.”

Choosing Glassware: Increase the Interest in Your Signature Drinks
Whether wedding drinks or fancy signature cocktails at classy events for business or pleasure, the glassware of the beverage can make a difference in how it is perceived by guests. Consider these tips on choosing glassware for your signature drinks.

“Put it in a glass that is comfortable in the hand, like a highball or a double old fashioned,” suggests Ehrmann. “Sometime people are scared off of cocktails because they don’t want to carry a precarious glass with them as they party.”

While it may look stunning, who wants to carry a martini glass around the room all night? Remember to keep your guests’ comfort and tastes in mind as you plan your special event or wedding signature cocktails.

About the Expert:
H Joseph Ehrmann owns Elixir, one of the oldest saloons in San Francisco, CA. Elixir features a completely organic cocktail menu and was the first bar to be certified as a green business by the city. For more information, please see

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