What to Do for a Bad Haircut

Find out what you can do for a bad haircut or bad hairstyle / bad hair day.Whether it’s a cheap haircut, a home haircut, or just bad luck at the hair salon, a bad haircut can ruin your mood while also changing how you feel about yourself. Your confidence may sink, you may not feel like going out, and you may avoid people and places if the bad haircut is really that bad. The truth is, bad haircuts happen. You can either sit around feeling sorry for yourself, or you can do something about it.

Whenever you end up with a bad haircut, you will probably want to do something as soon as possible to fix it. Most hairstylists will try to fix bad haircuts for free in an effort to keep you as a customer. If you think the hairdresser can fix your bad haircut, call the salon and speak to her. If you think the haircut is beyond repair, you still have some options for what you can do to try and fix bad haircuts.

Tips on How to Fix Bad Haircuts
Consider these tips on how to fix, disguise, or cover up bad haircuts:

1.    Call the hairdresser and request that she fix it for you. If you got a bad haircut at the hair salon, you should be within your rights to call back and let them know you are not happy with how your hair turned out. Most hairdressers won’t mind because they want you to be happy and confident in your new style. If you are uncomfortable going back or complaining, consider any of the following tips.

2.    Try wearing various barrettes, hair clips,
or other hair accessories to change your look. You can easily hide a bad cut or style with some fancy or unusual hair accessories. Consider headbands, hair scarves, clips, hairpins, and other hair adornments.

3.    Use bobby pins to pin up any pieces or sections of your new haircut that you don’t like.
You can easily get too-short bangs out of your face or hide them altogether if you aren’t a fan of the bangs or side bang. You can also use bobby pins to create pretty rad hairstyles, so give it a shot.

4.    Wear your hair in braids or a ponytail to hide bad haircuts. Sometimes something as simple as changing the way you wear your hair can make all the difference. You can hide a bad hairstyle with a different way of styling your hair, or you can try an up-do for a fancier look.

5.    Wear a variety of different hats (or your favorite hat) to disguise your bad hairstyle until it grows out. Hats are a great and efficient way of hiding a bad hairstyle. Girls have a lot of cute options for hats these days, and guys can usually get away with wearing hats to hide a bad hairstyle most of the time. Not all places of employment allow hats to be worn, though, so you might have to get a little more creative for work.

6.    Be patient and wait for the bad haircut to grow out. Not to sound insensitive, but it is only hair – it will grow back in a few weeks or months. Try to come to terms with the new look, do whatever you can to fix it to your liking, and then wait until it grows back. No sense in worrying over something you can’t change.

No matter if you decide to try to fix your bad haircut or wait for it to grow out, remember to do whatever you can to prevent future bad haircuts every time you go to the hairdresser from now one. One of the best ways to prevent a bad haircut is to explain exactly how you want your hair to look, leaving out no details. If possible, bring a photo of the style or a similar look with you, whether it is a celebrity hairstyle or a photo of you with a previous haircut that you liked. You can also check out the magazines and Web sites with photos of celebrities and other people to give yourself ideas on your hairstyle. You can usually avoid bad haircuts by knowing exactly what kind of hairstyle you want.

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